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Monday, September 19, 2016


Today,I have the pleasure of welcoming and interviewing the great Candace Moon.Known for her lovely soft big boobs,and high heels,but in this interview we learn more about this busty legend.

BTL: First off,thank you for taking time for me.What are your measurements?
CM:  38G-35-45

BTL: How and why did you get into the adult industry?
CM:  It all started because My husband liked taking scandalous photos of Me. We put some up                            on an adult website and it just went from there. 

BTL: In the business, it seems to be a short life span for some.Now I know some just do it to cover college cost or whatever but for the ones that want to be in the business for awhile,they don't last long.Why do you think that is?
CM: This industry will chew you up and spit you out. It's hard. No pun intended. You've got to be extremely secure with yourself and enjoy what you do enough to let all the hate go in one ear and out the other.

BTL: How do you maintain to be successful in this industry?
CM:  I take breaks. I go on total communication lock down. I only do what I enjoy.

BTL: Do you have any advice to women who want to be in the industry?
CM:  Work for yourself, first and foremost. Even if you want to work for big companies, never forget that, to them, you are just another pretty face.  You are just a name and a number. When the next pretty face comes along, you will be old news. Build your own income that relies solely on you.
BTL: That is true,just another pretty face. What kind of videos do you make?
CM:   Femdom fetish mostly.  Findom is a favorite.  Calf muscle fetish.  BIG TITS, of course!! Some of My personal favs are: pantyhose, fishnet, high heels, lipstick and bubblegum.

BTL: How did you get into the fetish side?
CM:  My persona today was created by My clients. I do what sells and more and more I was being asked for femdom videos, financial domination videos.
BTL:  Do you cam,if yes,where and what can people see?
CM:  I do cam on a small basis, usually on skype. I am looking at starting to do weekly live shows on My website, MsCandaceM.com and I do have the ability to do pay per min shows there as well.  I do fetish shows, same variety as My clips.  The best way to inquire is to email Me. Candacemoonxxx@gmail.com

BTL:  What can we find on your site?
CM:   Lots of big tits, lots of tease and denial, foot fetish, legs, jerk off instructions, joi games, lingerie, all the fun stuff.

BTL:  A few years ago I told you about a video that I saw of you on a tubesite,and I knew it didn't belong on there.If a fan sees a video of you somewhere other than your site,what should they do? 
CM: They can write Me at My email and let Me know..
BTL:  People don't realize that when you people posts videos on tube sites that it's basically taking money out of your favorite model/sex worker account which in the end,means you most likely won't be seeing them soon.You,as a customer,paid for it why share it? Do you share your boxers? I don't get it but how do you feel about tubesites? Do they hurt you or help promote you? 
CM:  I am on a couple tube sites just to maintain a presence, but in general, they don't help. For huge sites, they will add old scenes to a tube site because it's advertisement.  But guys see that and they feel it's ok to add whole videos that they buy from solo girls. They have to understand that, that's money directly out of your fav girls pocket. Your fav girl does solo porn most likely to pay her bills. When you post her vids for free and guys don't buy, your fav girl isn't going to continue filming. She won't financially be able to.  Long story short...PAY for your porn!! And don't share. Lol.

BTL:  Do you get recognized in public and what's the reaction? 
CM:  Thankfully, I don't. Or if I do, no one has ever approached Me.

BTL:  What is it like having big,soft,natural tits?
CM:   Powerful.  Men are so weak for My huge boobs.

BTL: Lol,yea big boobs have always been my weakness. Favorite sexual act and why?
CM:  Oral. Because.....of reasons.

BTL: Haha.  Now I find it funny and you seem to enjoy going at a person who comes at you wrong on social media.Why not just ignore the troll?
CM:  I do ignore...a lot. What you see on My social media is only a very small portion of the stupidity that I see.  But sometimes I get a message and I'm just in a bad mood. I feel the need to make an example of some of these morons.  It genuinely pisses Me off that these guys feel so completely entitled to whatever they want. 

BTL: Where can we find you online?
CM: Oh, so many places.
         Instagram: MsCandaceM
         Twitter: @CandaceMoon
         Clips4sale: c4s.com/11668
         My own website: MsCandaceM.com

BTL:  Be sure you check her out on her sites.Any last words?
CM:  Only, thank you for having Me and being patient because I took so long to complete the interview!! 

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