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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Monday, February 1, 2021


 Wholesometitties is back on Big Titty Lovers,this time we get to know more about her. You can follow her on Twitter @wholesometits .

Her Onlyfans------>>>>> Wholesometitties

MRBTL: What are the perks and hassles of having big  boobs?

WSTITTIES: . Biggest hassle is not being able to find clothes and bras that fit.  I also work in a career where it can make me look very unprofessional and not be taken seriously if I don't cover them up properly.  Biggest perk is that they're a lot of fun to play with and I'm sure they've gotten me out of a speeding ticket or two lol

MRBTL: Do you show off your major attractions in normal life situations?

WSTITTIES: In normal work situations, no.  On dress up occasions I like to show off some cleavage and on dates I like to show off A LOT of cleavage :) 

MRBTL: Are you surprised at the attention you get on Twitter?

WSTITTIES: I am very surprised about all of the twitter attention.  In my non-internet life I've never dated a man who was really interested too much in boobs, so I kind of thought people liking natural big boobs was a bit of a myth until I started my Twitter account.

MRBTL: What can people expect to see on your Onlyfans?

WSTITTIES: On OnlyFans people can expect to see longer versions of clips I post on Twitter and many of the photos on Twitter are screenshots from videos or one photo out of several photos on OnlyFans.  I also post OnlyFans content before any Twitter previews are released, reply to DMs almost exclusively on OF and comments on posts as well.

MRBTL: Can fans make requests for Onlyfans?

WSTITTIES: Fans absolutely can make requests!  If it is a request that fits the main page theme then I'll post it for everyone.  Private requests that are a little bit less-than-wholesome can be purchased depending on the request and my level of trust with that fan.  I love making custom content! 

MRBTL: Have you ever gotten caught when you shoot top less photos outside?

WSTITTIES: All of my topless outside photos have been on my friend's secluded property.  He has sometimes conveniently come home early and needed to see what was happening on the property, which has startled me a few times! 

MRBTL: Do you like to talk dirty?

WSTITTIES: I like it when it is discussed ahead of time and everyone is on the same page.  I'm pretty open minded when there is a lot of trust.

MRBTL: Favorite sexual position?

WSTITTIES: My favorite position depends on who I'm with.  I love my man to enjoy what he's doing so I usually enjoy what he enjoys.  It also depends on how comfortable I'm feeling with my body.  The more attractive the man finds me, the more I enjoy creative positions :)

MRBTL: Where did the name Wholesome Titties come from?

WSTITTIES:  I picked the name because I thought it represented my personality and the theme of my page the best.  This year has been hard on a lot of people and I thought it would be nice to have a positive happy place to share my content and I thought my screen name captured that vibe.

MRBTL: Have you ever used your boobs to get something or get out of a jam,if so,care to tell us.

WSTITTIES: I definitely have.  I was pulled over once for speeding and took off my cardigan to reveal a very skimpy tank top before the officer came to my window.  I firmly believe that's why I was left with a warning.  I also used to be in industrial sales back when I was in college and I certainly visited potential clients with pretty revealing clothing.  

MRBTL: How do you like your boobs played with hard or soft?

WSTITTIES: I like soft mostly, but hard can be nice in the right situation :)

MRBTL: Any last words for your fans?

WSTITTIES:   I'd love to tell them thank you!  I have such tremendous guilt about not being able to respond to Twitter DMs and comments and retweets because there aren't enough hours in the day, but I want them to know that I see their support and I appreciate and love them very much!

I would like to thank Wholesome Titties for her time.Be sure to follow her on Twitter @wholesometits and check her Onlyfans