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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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via http://theclaudiamarieblog.com/

You know,I never liked Claudia with her new fake boobs.But I can't stop from checking her out.She is still sexy as hell.As much as I love and adore natural breasts,Claudia just has a soft spot with me.LOL


1. Trinety G(54)

2.The Mystery Milf(38)

3. Busty Meow34JJ(26)

4. Angela White(12)

5. Kristy Lust(11)

7. Reyna Mae(9)

She Thickk(9)

Winking Dasiys(9)

8. Candace Moon(7)

9. Selena Star(6)

10. Venus Blue(4)

 I'm trying something new again.The Big Titty Lover Big Boober of the Month.Look at the bottom of the page and place your vote.Don't know what the prize is but I'm leaning towards promoting the winner at least once a week all over the net during the month they won.With this contest,you can vote once a day.You still have time to vote.


Another busty bbw that I found on twitter.She's from the United Kingdom.Kim has the kind of tits that you want to motorboat until you pass out.Lol.You should check out her Youtube account.I always had a thing for British accents,it makes her videos even more sexy.You can see more if you join her site.Look forward to seeing more of this sweet lady.

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