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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Today we have an Instagram superstar,and one of my favorite Igers, Darthtater3. Known for her big tits on IG,here you learn more about her. 

BTL: What's an average day for you like?
 DT: I work 0600-1600 five days a week, every other weekend, so the majority of my days revolve around getting up, getting dressed, working 10 hours, coming home, any chores i might need to do, trying to get on snapchat for some take overs or to post, and trying not to fall asleep before that!

BTL: What size are your breasts?
  DT: My bra size is 42 DDD! DD in some bras though

BTL: Now you had photos of you in cars with your tatas out.Do you ever get caught when you flash your boobs and what's the reaction like?
  DT: Surprisingly, I've only been caught twice, and both times it was by men around my age or maybe a little younger. Its such a rush when someone sees, but I'm careful to try and cover up before a family with kids drives by.

BTL: Do you like giving or receiving more?
  DT: I like giving more because I know how good I am at it.......also because most of the time when I receive, its not the best haha

BTL: Favorite position and why? 
  DT: I'm not sure the name but its when i'm laying on my side curled up with my knees as close to my chest as i can get, almost like the fetal position, and he is kneeling behind me entering me from the back. Its so much tighter with my legs together and my knees toward my chest, it doesn't take very long in that position at all........Also doggy is a very close second because I looooove my hips grabbed and my ass slapped.

BTL: You can erase any horrible experience from your past.What will it be? 
  DT: I'm not going to say my most horrible experience because that's too much but every experience i've had has either made for a great story, or shown me what not to do in life.

BTL: Most embarrassing moment? 
  DT: Probably sending the wrong text to someone is the worst thing i can imagine, because then you have to explain that titty pic when you see them next time!

BTL: What type of music do you like?
  DT: I like a lot of music..... metal, swing jazz, alternative rock...... the last 5 stations on my pandora are relaxation radio/five finger death punch radio/ breaking benjamin radio/ santana radio and dance (a$$) radio haha

BTL: Do you like females,in that kind of way?
  DT: I've actually never done anything more than make out and play with a girls tits. I'd love to try and eat a girl out....fuck her with a dildo maybe.....have her do the same to me....its such a fantasy of mine I'd like to live one day soon.

BTL: Now you have Snapchat and Connectpal accounts.Any plans on doing web cam shows or having your own website? 
  DT: I'm leaning more towards starting my own website.... I think there's a market for cam shows but to be honest i need to work on my dirty talking skills haha

BTL: So why do you have two Instagram pages under different names?
  DT: I wanted to have a different instagram page to just show off my tits and it started out that I didn't want anyone to know it was me, which they didn't for a while. haha but it became a little too much now double.dee33 is like my backup page for darthtater3

BTL: What's the feeling you get when you win IG contests?
  DT: Its honestly an amazing feeling that so many people like me and what i post, even if its just for my tits. I try to keep it real and not be a bitch like i know a lot of these other girls can be. I'm just human like the rest of us, and i'm just trying to make it along one day at a time and the fact that right now i have 61 thousand people following me is still amazing to me.

BTL: What can we see on your snapchat and connectpal accounts?
  DT: I post everything on my connectpal! I have solo videos....bj videos...a few sex scenes....i actually just posted a bj video of me and a black guy so i know there's a lot of people excited about that so thats where you can see that. my snapchat is just little pics and vids of me and my life. I post daily tits and try to do some play videos and pics a few times a week, but thats where i can talk one on one with my guys and girls who follow me.

BTL: What is your favorite expletive? 
  DT: Probably the one i use most is fuck. Its just so useful!

BTL: Do you have a secret talent? If so,what is it?
  DT: I think most people don't know I'm actually a pretty good baker. I'm not like some of these other girls that's not working and just snapchatting to get money. I bake and cook and I do some pretty cool cake decorating.

BTL: Do you watch porn?
  DT: I love porn! I love lesbain/squirting/bdsm/public and public humiliation/ hardcore/ big tits!/ just about anything! I switch it up

BTL:  What's the craziest thing you did sexual outdoors? 
  DT: I've done a lot haha. skinny dipping is always so fun.....sex is great too......blow jobs are easier to get away with.....i love anything exciting sexual outside!

BTL: Do you like being dominant or submissive? 
  DT: I'm a total submissive girl. I'm the boss all day at work I don't want to make any more decisions when i get home.

BTL: When you looked in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you thought?
  DT: Fucking work.......i wanted to straighten my hair but fuck it

BTL: You posted pics of guns you have,how many do you have and what's your interest with them?
  DT: I have 2 guns, a sccy .9mm and a Taurus .40 . I always wanted one and to be honest I wanted one before you can't get them with the way this country is going. I'd rather be prepared than not, and I'm a pretty good shot too ;)

BTL: Where can people find you on the internet? 
  DT: Instagram: Darthtater3 or Double.dee33
Snapchat: ddelicious3
email: ddelicious33@gmail.com

BTL: Any last words? 
 DT: Thank you so much for this! I had so much fun answering and hope everyone enjoys a little insight into my life and me personally!

I want to thank @darthtater3 for her time.Be sure to follow her on instagram.

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