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Thursday, May 16, 2024


 Anna Ohura (大浦あんな - Ohura Anna / Ooura Anna / Anna Oura) is a retired Japanese AV actress and model, known for her prodigious (100-centimeter, metric I cup) natural breasts.

Anna Ohura was born in Hokkaido, the northern-most of the four main islands of Japan, on May 30, 1980. Her father is French.

The AV (adult video) companies in Japan can be divided into two groups: the "pro" companies, and the "indie" companies. The "pro" companies work with the Japan Software Morality Association, also known as "Sof-Rin", while the "indie" companies work outside of that organization.

Anna Ohura who was become well known for her voluptuous figure, with measurements of 40-23-35, giving her massive breasts and an extreme waist-hip ratio of .65. She was scouted in Tokyo, has been entered the photo session before she was first seen in the XCITY's short video called Love Chat on August 8, 1999.

She has become a superstar in the Japanese Adult Entertainment that leveled to the American and European Adult Models in the world not only in Japan and she was the first Japanese Adult Actress in history who introduced online Japanese Adult Entertainment to the World through Internet Age that's why she was also the most-browsed Japanese Adult Actress during her active years from 1999 to 2003.

Anna Ohura's adult acting style has been described as “traditional Japanese porn acting”. In true Japanese fashion, Anna Ohura acts demure and somewhat shy, she's willingly to play and lick her breast, opening her legs to receive cunnilingus and received different hardcore sex positions such as face-off, pretzel dip, g-whiz, dog style, cowgirl, magic mountain, wheel barrow, reverse cowgirl, scoop me up, sea shell, golden arch, stand and deliver, pinball wizard, the valedictorian, the om, the chairman and missionary even a own sex position of look and learn breast and pussy play. Her erotic scenes most especially when she smiled in the movie won a lot of attention to her fans locally and globally and made her a popular pick among the directors and among fans locally and globally. Her first films were not worth much of a mention with straight sex and not many innovative ideas from the directors as well as the stars" .After several two more videos with Venus such as Type G and Beautiful Super Cup Menu during her debut year that film on 1999 and been released on 2000, she began working for Alice Japan on 2000 and her video for that company was Maximum Bust that featuring nurse costume with breast play and tit fucking, dream sex by her stalker fan and dormitory sex. She participated in Sexual Ritual Scene in Okinawa in AV Survival (PKD-040) on 2000 that released on 2001 where she's the most drawn attention to the viewers as it were participated by different adult actors and actresses including Anna Ohura, performed also bath soaping and sex in Bubbly Soap Heaven that filmed on 2001 and released on 2002 and performed in adult story telling in Ultra Boing on 2002 where she in the last segment played her breast by and played dildo at her narrator who was also known as her also stalker fan. She also made several videos with the "pro" company after the company reviewed her positive outlook on adult industry like TMA where she did her mostly erotic style in different costume particularly when she wears gym aerobic shirt with a short exercise, breast play and licking and a very long blowjob then breast play, foreplay pussy lick, boob sex and sex time in the different standing sex position as this is her first time of having long sex play with a lucky guy in Anna with Change of Costume and she did different erotic sex in Big Breast Fetish Angel particularly when she did her first outdoor nude jogging, outdoor breast play and lick, outdoor blow job and outdoor sex which this two sexual scene of Anna Ohura performed in TMA won more attention and interest by her fans locally and globally. She did also softcore video (nude videos only) in Heartful Summer filmed in Okinawa and released on 2000, Hold on me filmed on 2000 and released on 2001 and Ai Wo Kudasai filmed and released on 2001. In 2002, Ohura appeared in a photo book focusing on bondage. During the shooting of this volume of photos, the photographer, "bondage master" Haruki Yukimura, suggested that he and Ohura make a video together. The result of this next Ohura/Yukimura collaboration was the September 2003 DVD, Secret Feelings, which Yukimura directed.Ohura and Yukimura would team up for another bondage video in the March 2005 release, Big Tits Restrict According to the JList website, in these "pro" videos Ohura's "amazing body and erotic style... won her many fans around the world."As a sign of her international and mainstream fame, Ohura appeared in Taipei in 2003, where she was a highlight of an international furniture exposition.

Some critics claim that the "indie" companies, working outside the "Sof-Rin" system, create a more interesting product not only because they have greater freedom, but also because they have the better directors and performers. Ohura's debut with the "indie" label, Wanz Factory, was in the DVD Super Angle of Oppai. This DVD was praised by comparing it with Ohura's work for "pro" studios, which were judged, "somewhat vanilla and boring, with straight sex and little innovation on the part of the creators." In contrast, Ohura "really shines in this great new indies release."

Since then Anna's career went from strength to strength and has become internationally famous for her traditional Japanese submissive manner and disciplined talented performances and in 2002, she appeared in Fast Food Bitch and B-Dash Sector Music Video. She did her last erotic movie and last posed of frontal nude modelling in XCITY at the age of 23 prior to her birthday wish, she left AV on June 27, 2003 and will undoubtedly make a success of that as well and some says she's been doing business work in her hometown or in Tokyo. After her retirement, she went to appear in Television and some says she has doing her desire in comic drawing and writing.

Her fans worldwide are still remembering Anna-chan until today after she retired long time ago for having fairy look and gifted breast that busted all the way all Japanese Busty Adult Stars in the past and present. She has been hailed for giving also Japan a positive economic outcome for contributing herself in the Japanese Adult Industry as it have been commented that she shouldn't entered and performed such an open erotic and sexual scene in terms of her decent, fairy and innocent look, prodigious big breast and perfected slim body and been followed by some young Japanese adult busty performers who entered in this industry after doing Gravure.

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