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Friday, September 23, 2016


Today,let me introduce to Miss Charlotte Angel.You may have seen this big breasted newcomer on PlumperPass and in the Scoreland universe of sites but now you find her here at Big Titty Lovers.I found her on twitter,@CharltAngel,and was amazed at what I saw,so I had to do my homework to find out more about this busty lady.I liked what I found and now here we are.Hope you enjoy the interview.

BTL: Where are you from?
  CA:  Originally I’m from Pennsylvania but I’m in Orlando now

BTL:  What are your measurements?
  CA: 38 E boobs

BTL: Is there anybody special in your life?
CA: Nope! Single and happy!

BTL: What's your sexual fantasy?
  CA: One of my favorites is having someone be a little rough! So anything that involves stuff like being                   shoved up against a wall and fucked!

BTL: Now I like that one. How long have you been in the adult industry and what made you get into it? 
  CA: I haven’t been in it all that long really, a little under a year I believe!

BTL: Do you have a Webcam service or website? Is that something you would want to get into down the              line? 
CA: I will be camming very very soon! I ran into some technical issues that slowed me down a little but I’m pretty its all fixed now! I do have a website its angelxproductions.com

BTL: How was it working for Score and Plumperpass? Any plans to work with them again and what other companies have you worked for?
  CA: It was great! I love working with both of those companies! I don’t have anything planned just yet but hopefully soon!

BTL:  Worst possible time to get horny is?
 CA: I would have to say when you’re at a restaurant about to eat.

BTL: Do you like to talk dirty?
 CA: Hell yes!

BTL: A day in the life of Charlotte Angel is?
 CA: Usually shopping around for fun stuff to wear, work, going to the beach whenever I can

BTL: Do you have any unusual kinks or fetishes?
 CA: No, not really

BTL: Favorite sexual position and why?
 CA: Hmmmmm…..I’d have to say doggy is one of my favorites

BTL: Best thing about having big boobs is?
 CA: Everything! Lol! They make everything you wear look soooo much sexier!

BTL: When was the last time you watched porn? And do you watch yourself?
 CA: I cant even tell you, No I don’t really watch my own stuff.

BTL: If you had one night with a celebrity crush,what would it be like,and who is your crush?
  CA: Ohhhh man…just one! Lol! I’d have to say Seth Rollins from the WWE! Hes so yuuuummmmy! A night with him? PSh! There’d be no sleeping involved ill tell u that! LOL!

BTL: Where can people find you on the internet?
 CA: They can find me on twitter and instagram……go on the Plumperpass sites and XLgirls.com to see all of my fun.

I want to thank Charlotte Angel for her time.I know us here at Big Titty Lovers wish you much success and look forward to your future projects.
You can follow her on Twitter @CharltAngel   on Instagram @charlotte.angel84 and be sure to check her site,  angelxproductions.com

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