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Thursday, September 27, 2018


Today we have a sexy BBW with a unique tattoo,her name is Tattooed Barbie.This is one of the best interviews I have done.If I was there I would imagine her with a hooter out and her finger in her pussy.Wild thoughts I know,lol.She recently survived Hurricane Florence and now she made time for Big Titty Lovers. Hope you enjoy the interview.

MRBTL: Where are you from?
TB: I was born in Ohio, then moved to the Midwest- NOW I live in North Carolina

MRBTL : Now you stand out from other ladies in the business with your ink work. What made you get your breasts done like that and how much did it hurt?
TB:  I have had the stars around my nipples for about 6 years, I never seen anyone with stars on their titties so I my idea behind it was if I were to ever be in an adult movie and the fan didnt remember my name they would just have to look up the "star titties" lol. Honestly they didnt hurt at all to get tattooed, I actually really enjoyed that part and my pussy got super wet!

MRBTL: Word is that you want to get into the porn business ,have you heard back from any companies?
TB: I have been trying to get in the porn buisness for YEARS! I have only heard back from ONE company (BBWHIGHWAY) they are the only one that wanted to take me serious... Other then that my dream company keeps blowing me off saying they didnt get my pictures or they just dont reply :( Oh well! I will keep trying tho!

MRBTL : How does your man feel about this,are you guys swingers or something?
TB: My hubby is super supportive, he loves watching me on cam, he is usually my camera guy when I hook up with someone new.. We are into the swinger lifestyle but hes more of a cuckold- he loves watching me get fucked! Especially by BBC!

MRBTL : Where can people find you on the internet?
TB: Snapchat tattooedbbw9393

       Twitter xtattooedbarbie

       Instagram tattooedbarbie93933

       ManyVids tattooedbarbie93

      MFC xtattooedbbw

       CB tattooedbarbie93

MRBTL : Ever get caught in public doing something naughty?  If so,details.
TB:  I was caught by my neighbor while I was making a video for my premium snap chat peeps, I was completely naked and bouncing my huge titties in the water and the old man next door about 80 was watching, I caught him looking at me at the corner of my eye, I noticed he kept watching so I gave him one hell of a show! Havent seen him lately, hope I didnt kill the old man! :(

MRBTL :  Favorite position and why?
TB: I love doggy! I love my ass being in the air and getting my pussy pounded long dick style! I love feeling a huge cock bottom out inside me! Oh and I love being spanked and my hair pulled so this is the perfect position.

MRBTL : Have you ever hooked up with someone you met online? Positive or negative experience?
TB: I have hooked up with many people, I used to use craiglist but since they changed their rules, I use tinder or POF now... I have only had a few negative experiences, a guy send a dick pic and I was like yes come over! When he got there lets just say his dick was not the one in the pic so I made him leave! (He was white, the pic he sent was a BBC) so yea get the hell outta here! I love every color cock but if your gonna send a dick pic and its not even you then dont waste my time!... but I have found some awesome people online :)

MRBTL : Are you loud or quiet during sex?
TB: Loud, I love to let you know that your doing an amazing job! If I am enjoying it you will certainly know!

MRBTL : What kinds of music do you like?
TB: I am a music junky! I love Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Classic Rock, Country, Skrillez, Dubstep, Metal... not much I wont listen to

MRBTL : What do you like to do in your spare time?
TB: In my spare time I do a lot of crafts and I am a huge ps4 gamer! I love Call of Duty and I love killing people!--- well on video games :) I love knowing you rage over getting beat by a girl! lol

MRBTL : Do you have any favorite TV shows or shows you binge watch?
TB: Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, and Prison Break are my top 3 series movies wise I have watched ZOMBIELAND about 1,000 times!

MRBTL : Is there a celebrity that you would willing have sex with? Who?
TB: Julio Gomez & Shane Diesel and wreck my pussy anytime!

MRBTL :  Favorite foreplay activities?
TB: I love lingire, dirty talking, blowjobs! I love toys and being dominate with them! But dont let that scare you because I LOVE being submissive more!

MRBTL :  What age did you lose your virginity, and how did it go down?
TB:  I was 13 and I was fully developed I had C cups and wanted the senior quarterback! I sure got him in the bleachers! :) man that was amazing!

MRBTL :  Have you ever had a threesome?  Two girls or two guys?
TB: I have had many 3 sums, both 2 girls 1 guy, 2 guys 1 girl.. I have also had 3 guys 1 girl :) woot woot!

MRBTL : If you were the other sex for a day,what are five things you would do?

       2. ANAL! I would fuck someone in the ass

       3. ANAL! I would take some dick in my ass

      4. BLOWJOBS I would want my cock sucked sooo bad!

      5. MORE MASTERBATING! I would beat my meat all day!!!

MRBTL :  What is something that will never fail to get you horny?
TB: Biting me!

MRBTL: When was the last time you had a wet dream? Can you describe it?
TB: Its been awhile but I had a dream that I was gangbanged by like 5 guys and they bukkake me... I woke up with the wettest pussy ever!!!

MRBTL : Any last words?
TB: To anyone taking the time to read this, I do appreciate you! I have many "fans" and thats just crazy to me, because I dont feel like I am anything special, I just am an online HOE! Well I am a whore for cock anytime but I just love and appreciate everyone who supports me by buying my content and my premium snapchat! Oh and my high tippers and even my single dad who has 3 kids his 1 solo token tip! I APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

Once again I would like to thank Tattooed Barbie for her time.And be sure to follow her on social media and watch her on cam.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018


I found this beautiful busty lady on Instagram. Her page is a joy to view,along with a great personality that comes across in her pics and videos. And oh yeah,those two huge breasts on her chest.You can follow her @bodacious_blonde_devil .Hopefully I can get an interview with her in the future. She has quickly became one of my favorites on IG. And if you want to see more of her,you can check her out here --->>> Bodacious_Blonde_Devil