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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Earlier this year, I ran a feature of Miss Taylor Juggs.Well,guess who is back on Big Titty Lovers and has granted me an interview. The huge breasts of Taylor Juggs are back!!!!!

BTL: Where are you from?
  TJ: SF Bay Area

BTL: What are your measurements?
  TJ: I'm not sure but I do Have Amazing 44I Boobs

BTL:Yes,they are amazing.Sexual preference?
  TJ: I am Bi

BTL: How and why did you get into the adult industry?
  TJ: I had always wanted to do something fun and exciting

BTL:Now you was gone from the business but now you're back.Any reason for the break?
  TJ: I took a break because I had a child and I have also went through alot of family losses

BTL:Sorry about your losses. What advice would you give to ladies coming into the                          business?
  TJ: Be aware of who you are working with and be smart!

BTL: Who,if any,in the industry that you look up to?
  TJ: Norma Stitz, Kim Eternity, Vanessa Del Rio "The Greats"

BTL: Who would you like to work with in the industry?
  TJ: There are so many I cant even name them all

BTL: Do you plan on doing any more porn videos?
  TJ: I would like to do G/G and Fetish Films

BTL: You wear alot of hats such as modeling,Adult entertainer,how many titles do you have?  
 TJ: I am a vlogger, blogger, mother, adult store owner just to name a few

BTL: What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future?
  TJ: More clips coming of course, magazine layout with naughtygirlmagazine, a cover in                                       November with NGM as well and maybe my own Magazines Taylorandfriends and my  1st very own           TaylorJuggs Magazine as well

BTL: Oh wow,good luck with those a day we look forward to them. How do you like your big ones                        handled?
  TJ: I love to have them touched very soft and sensual no biting them or being rough

BTL: So how does Taylor Juggs get down in the bedroom?
  TJ: I am a hopeless romantic for me its what you do before we get to the bed that                                               counts..Candles, roses, champagne, sensual and sexy lingerie, sensual whispering, and so much               more...

BTL: I think it's time for BBW Con to start expanding to other cities like Exxxotica does.Your                                  thoughts?
   TJ: I would love for it to come to SF

BTL: A day in the life of Miss Taylor Juggs is?
  TJ: Raising my children, working, and a little play time

BTL: Where can people find you at on the internet?
  TJ: On twitter @thetaylorjshow , on tumblr @allabouttaylorj510 and also my links site                                          www.itsmyurls.com/misstaylorj

BTL: Name 5 things you can't live without?
  TJ: My kids, my family, my closest friends,my phone/tablet/laptop, my makeup, my oils

BTL: Top 3 favorite foods?
   TJ: Soul Food, Chinese, and mexican/cuban food

BTL: Any last words?
 TJ: Live life to the fullest because you are not promised tomorrow

I want to thank Miss Taylor Juggs for her time.If you want to know more about her,you can check her out on twitter @thetaylorjshow and www.itsmyurls.com/misstaylorj