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Monday, July 30, 2018


Congrats to over 15k  followers on instagram .
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


I really don't know when I became a Claudia Marie fan but I know it was when she had "normal" Big Tits that looked natural. She was skinner, with longer hair. She made the best porn,no bullshit straight to the action.Claudia actually made porn that was meant to be porn.I mean her videos is all the fantasies we have in our heads when we see a big breasted blonde woman. You just want to fuck the mess out of her.Thats what I love about her,still. Sure she gained a little weight,cut her hair,got a little older, hey that's life.But she still has that  sexy southern swang, her bust a nut moans, those killer fuck me eyes,a hall of fame blowjob queen and yes those huge fake whoppers still look good when she bounce on a cock.
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Saturday, July 21, 2018


Today I have one of the best instagram pages out there right now.I have the pleasure of interviewing @eastcoasttokerr. Be sure to follow her backup page @eastcoaststoner as well.Just one look and you will see why  she's one of my favorites and #TEAMBTL worthy. Hope you enjoy the interview.

MRBTL: I hate this question but I'm obligated to ask. What are the size of your natural breasts? EAST : 40 HH. MRBTL : Where are you from? EAST : Vineland, New jersey. MRBTL : What do you like to do in your spare time? EAST: Video games, watch sports.
MRBTL : What's the deal with your nipples always making an appearance on your IG page? Are they really that hard to contain? EAST : Lol, yes they are but Who doesn't love a pretty nipple. MRBTL :Haha right right. What made you decide to show yourself on the internet? I know people are glad that you do. EAST : I found a love for my body and wanted to share I love showing off. MRBTL :And we thank you for sharing your beautiful body. What is your favorite method of masturbating? EAST : Toys,fingers,and my infamous Hitachi. MRBTL : What gets you off? EAST : Being dominated or a guy who takes what he wants.

MRBTL : What are your favorite TV shows? EAST : Chopped, bongappetite, sports center, curb your enthusiasm. MRBTL : Is there a celebrity that you want to have sex with? Who? EAST : Jason Momoa. MRBTL : Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex? EAST : Love giving oral I'm a pleaser. MRBTL : Favorite sexual position and why? EAST : Missionary, I love to stare into my partners eyes while they fuck me. MRBTL : What is it like having huge tits? EAST : I'd have to say it's a gift and a curse some days I love them, other days not so much. MRBTL : What can we expect to see on your snapchat? EAST : Lots of squirting, masturbating, boob play, sexy showers, there's a little bit of everything. MRBTL : Worst time to get horny is....?  EAST : At work. MRBTL : What do you wear to bed? EAST : Nada I love sleeping naked.
MRBTL : Describe a typical day in the life of Eastcoasttokerr. EAST : Wake and bake is a must, followed by a good orgasm, then time to get ready for work, which afterward is followed up by another joint some good food then it's instagram time. MRBTL : What have you learned from life that makes who you are today? EAST : Do what makes you happy time isnt promised nor does it stop for anyone. MRBTL : What was your first kiss like?  EAST : Horrible I was 12 and he didn't know how to kiss lol. MRBTL : Do you like quickies? EAST : Love them especially in public. MRBTL : Who would you like to punch in the face? EAST : Too long to list.

MRBTL : Ever had sex in a public place? If so ,details :) EAST : Yes I love public sex the craziest place for me was the elevator was a nice quickie. MRBTL : What was your last dream about? EAST : My next money love. MRBTL : Do you like to talk dirty? EAST : Love talking dirty. MRBTL : Are you into role playing? EAST : Yes love it. MRBTL : Anything you want to say to the readers and your followers? EAST : Just wanted to thank everyone for their support bigger and better things are coming.

Such a beautiful lady.

Don't forget to follow her @eastcoasttokerr  and learn how to see more of her.