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Saturday, September 19, 2020


One of the readers of Big Titty Lovers has sent in 
pics of this lady.Her name is Val and is packing 40DD's. As always you can submit your pics of your busy friends to mrbigtittylover1@gmail.com to be featured here.


Thursday, September 10, 2020


Wholesome Titties followed me on Twitter, @mrbigtittylover, and with a name like Wholesome Titties, I had to check her out. You can follow her @wholesometits on Twitter.  Carrying around a pair of natural 38HH breasts is a gift,and two presents for us big boob lovers.What you see here is only is a tease,a taste of what you will get from her Onlyfans.  www.onlyfans.com/wholesometittes

                                 Follow her on Twitter @wholesometits
                                 Join her Onlyfans.                   >>>>>www.onlyfans.com/wholesometitties

                                                                Bonus Video


Friday, September 4, 2020


I first ran across Abby on Instagram, follow her @abbycannons2020, and was blown away by her. You can also follow her on Twitter @AbbyCannons . Watch those Cannons bounce on Twitter.  Wanna see more? You know you do,check out her Onlyfans page >>>>>>
Abby is an all natural busty babe from Canada. Those juicy lips are inviting with those beautiful eyes. Check her out now!!!!!

I think she is inviting us lol   

Her name is Cannons for a reason 

I love this one

                                   Twitter @AbbyCannons
                                   Instagram @abbycannons2020
                                   Onlyfans @ onlyfans.com/abbycannons

                                                     Bonus Vids