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Last month I introduced you Bodacious Blonde Devil .Now she's back with an exclusive interview with yours truly. I just love her personality, I could literally talk and hang out with her all day.You don't really see a real down to earth person in the adult industry everyday.If you follow her on instagram @Bodacious_Blonde_Devil ,then you know what I mean.One of the reasons why she is loved.So let's get into knowing her better.

MRBTL: How and why did you get into the adult business?

BBD: I quit my job that I was an office admin over 2 transportation offices.  Just got tired of dealing with the bs.  Became bored with not having responsibility of a day to day job.  I was told...hey you should try this (instagram & Patreon).  I really was not expecting to blow up the way I did ..HA HA.  I mean I'm actually making money...I'm hooked now lol.

MRBTL : Were there any positive or negative reactions from you being a sex worker from customers or followers?

BBD: Most everyone has been very supportive with my new choice to be self employed.  I get a few followers that talk crap to me only because I will not give them anything for free.  Other than that...I have an awesome fan base that offers me great support.

MRBTL :What was it like growing up with big breasts?

BBD: I was never small chested by any means, in high school I was a DD.  It was not until I breastfed 3 kids that my boobs grew to a crazy size of an H!!!  lol  I've always had attn drawn to them, but even more so now.  I go to a store and people stare, I think I've just learned to tune it all out.

MRBTL :  Age when you received your first kiss? How was it?

BBD: I was a freshman in High school, so I was 14 yrs old.  It was absolutely disgusting to be honest LOL.  He spit all over my face and kept bumping his teeth on mine.....so I never was big on kissing after that.  Up until most recently I have learned that I actually enjoy kissing very much, and I become very aroused from it!!

MRBTL : How do you like breasts handled,hard or soft?

BBD: I like it to start out soft in like a teasing manor, but the more excited I become, I like more aggressive handling.

MRBTL : Do you like to dirty talk in bed?

BBD: OMG yes!!!!  That is prob the biggest turn on for me.  To hear my lovers voice telling me crazy things drives me crazy!!!  The dirtier and nastier the better!!

MRBTL : What do you wear to bed?

BBD: I wear only a tank top.  I love to sleep naked but since piercing my nipples the tank top helps to keep the nipple rings from getting caught in the sheets..ha ha

MRBTL : Do you like oral sex? Why/why not

BBD: I enjoy oral sex to the fullest.  I enjoy the way it feels to have a warm soft tongue running all around my "cupcake" lol.  But, I also love love love to please, I enjoy and get fully turned on when I am pleasing my lover and hear his breathing and moans change, and to look up at him.....I completely enjoy that view!!!

MRBTL : If you could have sex with anyone right now,who would it be?

BBD: His name is Josh...by far the best lover I've ever had!!  I would totally love to feel his touch!!

MRBTL : What can people expect to see on your patreon site?

BBD: Uncensored Videos of me squirting and masterbating, as well as pics.  But that all depends on the tier that is purchased.

MRBTL : Where can people find you on the internet?

BBD: Instagram:  Bodacious_blonde_devil or my backup page Blonde_bodacious_devil (not as much content as my original page).  And my Patreon...  www.patreon.com/Bodacious_Blonde_Devil.  I'm looking into many vids as well as chaturbate, not sure if I'll be doing those just yet.  I stay pretty busy!!

MRBTL : Do you like to show the girls off in public?

BBD: Yes, I'm not very shy.  I need to go to mardi gra LOL...can you imagine the beads I'd get!!!

MRBTL : Have you ever cheated on someone? Why?

BBD: Yes, I literally have cheated on every man I've ever been with except for 1.  The only reason I ever cheated was because I had a habit of being with cheating men, so I out did them....I one upped them and I was satisfied knowing that it would mental screw with them.  More of revengeful cheating.

MRBTL : Favorite body part of the opposite sex? Same sex?

BBD: My fav body part on a man is the hair line that goes from the belly button to the groin!!!   I love to look at that!!  On a woman I would have to say her ass.

MRBTL : How do you feel with the current state of the country?

BBD: I think it's fucked up!!!  People focus on bs and waste so much money on all these bs investigations when the time and money could be used in so many more resourceful ways.

MRBTL : Have you ever had an "oops" moment. Like a boob falls out or a wardrobe malfunction?  If so,can you explain the situation?

BBD: Yes actually on live the other day on ig!!  I was titty teasing and had a brain cramp thinking I was doing video and almost popped that dang nipple out live lol.

MRBTL : You can erase any horrible experience from your past.What will it be?

BBD : I would not erase any of it.  I have learned from those seasons in my life and used them to grown into the strong intelligent woman I am today.

MRBTL : Do you sing in the shower? Or do anything unusual in the shower?

BBD: No I don't sing, but I do have a routine way I wash lol.  If I don't do things in a certain order in the shower my day is all thrown off...yes I'm OCD

MRBTL : You just found $100,how do you plan on spending it?

BBD : I would not spend it, I would give it to someone that was struggling, cuz I've been in the struggle myself.

MRBTL : Do you have a secret talent?

BBD: No, I don't have any talents lol...unless being clumsy is a talent, then I'm badass LOL

MRBTL : How would you seduce your crush?

BBD: Just by being myself, men have always been drawn to me.  If I try to seduce I mess it up lol

MRBTL : Any last words?

BBD : I am just so very thankful for my fan base and that everyone for the most part has been extremely kind to me!!!  I'm very grateful for that!!!!

Once again I would like to thank BBD for her time.And remember you can find her on instagram @Bodacious_Blonde_Devil and to see more of her check out her site,  www.patreon.com/Bodacious_Blonde_Devil




Today we have a sexy BBW with a unique tattoo,her name is Tattooed Barbie.This is one of the best interviews I have done.If I was there I would imagine her with a hooter out and her finger in her pussy.Wild thoughts I know,lol.She recently survived Hurricane Florence and now she made time for Big Titty Lovers. Hope you enjoy the interview.

MRBTL: Where are you from?
TB: I was born in Ohio, then moved to the Midwest- NOW I live in North Carolina

MRBTL : Now you stand out from other ladies in the business with your ink work. What made you get your breasts done like that and how much did it hurt?
TB:  I have had the stars around my nipples for about 6 years, I never seen anyone with stars on their titties so I my idea behind it was if I were to ever be in an adult movie and the fan didnt remember my name they would just have to look up the "star titties" lol. Honestly they didnt hurt at all to get tattooed, I actually really enjoyed that part and my pussy got super wet!

MRBTL: Word is that you want to get into the porn business ,have you heard back from any companies?
TB: I have been trying to get in the porn buisness for YEARS! I have only heard back from ONE company (BBWHIGHWAY) they are the only one that wanted to take me serious... Other then that my dream company keeps blowing me off saying they didnt get my pictures or they just dont reply :( Oh well! I will keep trying tho!

MRBTL : How does your man feel about this,are you guys swingers or something?
TB: My hubby is super supportive, he loves watching me on cam, he is usually my camera guy when I hook up with someone new.. We are into the swinger lifestyle but hes more of a cuckold- he loves watching me get fucked! Especially by BBC!

MRBTL : Where can people find you on the internet?
TB: Snapchat tattooedbbw9393

       Twitter xtattooedbarbie

       Instagram tattooedbarbie93933

       ManyVids tattooedbarbie93

      MFC xtattooedbbw

       CB tattooedbarbie93

MRBTL : Ever get caught in public doing something naughty?  If so,details.
TB:  I was caught by my neighbor while I was making a video for my premium snap chat peeps, I was completely naked and bouncing my huge titties in the water and the old man next door about 80 was watching, I caught him looking at me at the corner of my eye, I noticed he kept watching so I gave him one hell of a show! Havent seen him lately, hope I didnt kill the old man! :(

MRBTL :  Favorite position and why?
TB: I love doggy! I love my ass being in the air and getting my pussy pounded long dick style! I love feeling a huge cock bottom out inside me! Oh and I love being spanked and my hair pulled so this is the perfect position.

MRBTL : Have you ever hooked up with someone you met online? Positive or negative experience?
TB: I have hooked up with many people, I used to use craiglist but since they changed their rules, I use tinder or POF now... I have only had a few negative experiences, a guy send a dick pic and I was like yes come over! When he got there lets just say his dick was not the one in the pic so I made him leave! (He was white, the pic he sent was a BBC) so yea get the hell outta here! I love every color cock but if your gonna send a dick pic and its not even you then dont waste my time!... but I have found some awesome people online :)

MRBTL : Are you loud or quiet during sex?
TB: Loud, I love to let you know that your doing an amazing job! If I am enjoying it you will certainly know!

MRBTL : What kinds of music do you like?
TB: I am a music junky! I love Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Classic Rock, Country, Skrillez, Dubstep, Metal... not much I wont listen to

MRBTL : What do you like to do in your spare time?
TB: In my spare time I do a lot of crafts and I am a huge ps4 gamer! I love Call of Duty and I love killing people!--- well on video games :) I love knowing you rage over getting beat by a girl! lol

MRBTL : Do you have any favorite TV shows or shows you binge watch?
TB: Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, and Prison Break are my top 3 series movies wise I have watched ZOMBIELAND about 1,000 times!

MRBTL : Is there a celebrity that you would willing have sex with? Who?
TB: Julio Gomez & Shane Diesel and wreck my pussy anytime!

MRBTL :  Favorite foreplay activities?
TB: I love lingire, dirty talking, blowjobs! I love toys and being dominate with them! But dont let that scare you because I LOVE being submissive more!

MRBTL :  What age did you lose your virginity, and how did it go down?
TB:  I was 13 and I was fully developed I had C cups and wanted the senior quarterback! I sure got him in the bleachers! :) man that was amazing!

MRBTL :  Have you ever had a threesome?  Two girls or two guys?
TB: I have had many 3 sums, both 2 girls 1 guy, 2 guys 1 girl.. I have also had 3 guys 1 girl :) woot woot!

MRBTL : If you were the other sex for a day,what are five things you would do?

       2. ANAL! I would fuck someone in the ass

       3. ANAL! I would take some dick in my ass

      4. BLOWJOBS I would want my cock sucked sooo bad!

      5. MORE MASTERBATING! I would beat my meat all day!!!

MRBTL :  What is something that will never fail to get you horny?
TB: Biting me!

MRBTL: When was the last time you had a wet dream? Can you describe it?
TB: Its been awhile but I had a dream that I was gangbanged by like 5 guys and they bukkake me... I woke up with the wettest pussy ever!!!

MRBTL : Any last words?
TB: To anyone taking the time to read this, I do appreciate you! I have many "fans" and thats just crazy to me, because I dont feel like I am anything special, I just am an online HOE! Well I am a whore for cock anytime but I just love and appreciate everyone who supports me by buying my content and my premium snapchat! Oh and my high tippers and even my single dad who has 3 kids his 1 solo token tip! I APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

Once again I would like to thank Tattooed Barbie for her time.And be sure to follow her on social media and watch her on cam.

Today I have one of the best instagram pages out there right now.I have the pleasure of interviewing @eastcoasttokerr. Be sure to follow her backup page @eastcoaststoner as well.Just one look and you will see why  she's one of my favorites and #TEAMBTL worthy. Hope you enjoy the interview.

MRBTL: I hate this question but I'm obligated to ask. What are the size of your natural breasts? EAST : 40 HH. MRBTL : Where are you from? EAST : Vineland, New jersey. MRBTL : What do you like to do in your spare time? EAST: Video games, watch sports.

MRBTL : What's the deal with your nipples always making an appearance on your IG page? Are they really that hard to contain? EAST : Lol, yes they are but Who doesn't love a pretty nipple. MRBTL :Haha right right. What made you decide to show yourself on the internet? I know people are glad that you do. EAST : I found a love for my body and wanted to share I love showing off. MRBTL :And we thank you for sharing your beautiful body. What is your favorite method of masturbating? EAST : Toys,fingers,and my infamous Hitachi. MRBTL : What gets you off? EAST : Being dominated or a guy who takes what he wants.

MRBTL : What are your favorite TV shows? EAST : Chopped, bongappetite, sports center, curb your enthusiasm. MRBTL : Is there a celebrity that you want to have sex with? Who? EAST : Jason Momoa. MRBTL : Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex? EAST : Love giving oral I'm a pleaser. MRBTL : Favorite sexual position and why? EAST : Missionary, I love to stare into my partners eyes while they fuck me. MRBTL : What is it like having huge tits? EAST : I'd have to say it's a gift and a curse some days I love them, other days not so much. MRBTL : What can we expect to see on your snapchat? EAST : Lots of squirting, masturbating, boob play, sexy showers, there's a little bit of everything. MRBTL : Worst time to get horny is....?  EAST : At work. MRBTL : What do you wear to bed? EAST : Nada I love sleeping naked.

MRBTL : Describe a typical day in the life of Eastcoasttokerr. EAST : Wake and bake is a must, followed by a good orgasm, then time to get ready for work, which afterward is followed up by another joint some good food then it's instagram time. MRBTL : What have you learned from life that makes who you are today? EAST : Do what makes you happy time isnt promised nor does it stop for anyone. MRBTL : What was your first kiss like?  EAST : Horrible I was 12 and he didn't know how to kiss lol. MRBTL : Do you like quickies? EAST : Love them especially in public. MRBTL : Who would you like to punch in the face? EAST : Too long to list.

MRBTL : Ever had sex in a public place? If so ,details :) EAST : Yes I love public sex the craziest place for me was the elevator was a nice quickie. MRBTL : What was your last dream about? EAST : My next money love. MRBTL : Do you like to talk dirty? EAST : Love talking dirty. MRBTL : Are you into role playing? EAST : Yes love it. MRBTL : Anything you want to say to the readers and your followers? EAST : Just wanted to thank everyone for their support bigger and better things are coming.

Such a beautiful lady.

Don't forget to follow her @eastcoasttokerr  and learn how to see more of her.

Today I get to interview a beautiful lovely lady by name of Aeryn Elise. You may know her from twitter,@AerynGasm or her work with the people at Score.But if you don't, here's the perfect introduction to Aeryn Elise. 

MR.BTL: Where are you from?

AE: I’m originally from the south, but I spent so much time in Los Angeles I always tell
people I’m a California girl.

MR.BTL: What are your measurements?

AE: My current measurements are 46 – 30 – 44

MR.BTL: What's the difference between Aeryn Elise and Sexy Dulcinea? Why the two

AE: Dulcinea was the name I chose when I first started working in the industry way
back in 2014. I cammed for a little while under that same name, but when I came
back to the industry this past summer, I wanted to differentiate my amateur work
from my professional published work. So, it’s like there’s a porn version of me
and a real version of me. You could think of Dulcinea kind of as a pen name.

MR.BTL: How did you get into the adult industry?

AE: I was living in LA at the time and wanted to get into studio production, so I put an
ad on a job search website hoping to find work behind the camera. I got a call
within a few days and a guy was offering me $20,000 to be an assistant and work
in front of the camera. Too good to be true, right? (Trust me, it was.) But I didn’t
give up, and a few months later Scoreland contacted me asking if I’d be willing to
model for them. Their offer was legit and I was on a flight to Miami soon
after…and I had the time of my life!

MR.BTL: Any advice you can give to females trying to get into the adult industry?

AE: I feel like I got really lucky. I turned down an offer because it just didn’t seem
“right” and I’m so glad I did. In my opinion, there are easier ways to make quick
money. The industry is full of great people but also people that are ready to take
advantage of you, so choose who you work with wisely. Also, people are going to
find out. It happens. Understand what impact that has on your future and goals. If
you have any doubts, wait or don’t do it at all.

MR.BTL: You can erase any horrible experience from your past, what would it be?

AE: You know, I’ve been very fortunate to not have too many bad experiences. Sure,
I have things I’ve learned from, but I wouldn’t change them because they helped
shape me into the person I am today.

MR.BTL: Do you hold grudges?

AE: Nope! Not at all. We all have bad days, right?

MR.BTL: The person you would never want to meet?

AE: I have no clue! I love meeting new people, so I can’t think of anyone. I have a list
of people I don’t like, but I’d love to meet them just to tell them so!

MR.BTL: The last song you listened to?

AE: “Freak on a Leash” by Korn

MR.BTL:  What can we expect to see on your website and what is the hold up?

AE: My membership website has exclusive content like video clips and photosets (in
fact, you can’t buy my photosets anywhere else!) plus free member’s only live
shows. I think I’m most excited about that feature because public camming is
always difficult between scheduling, internet problems, and tokens. With a free
show every week, my members will get to see an entire show without long
pauses because no one is talking or tipping. Plus, they can still do private
sessions with me and tip for special requests!
The hold up is payment processing. The design has been done for a while, but
with anything related to porn you can’t just use Paypal or whatever. Right now,
the launch date is early January.

MR.BTL: Can fans request custom videos that you and your partner would make?

AE: Yes! I offer custom videos at my ManyVids store (AerynElise.manyvids.com) and
will be offering discounted rates through my membership website.

MR.BTL: Will you still post on sites like Manyvids or will everything be exclusively on

AE: ManyVids has its own unique crowd, as does iWantClips and Clips4Sale
(launching in January as well), so I want to leave my content on those sites for
people who don’t know me yet. The advantage to my membership website is that
you get access to everything for what buying one video clip would cost.

MR.BTL: Ever film outdoors or any other public sexual acts off camera, if so explain?

AE: Not yet! I’m really into exhibitionism, but I also don’t want to get arrested. We’re
hoping to shoot some new content in driveways and parking lots that isn’t so
risqué, and maybe work our way up.

MR.BTL: You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society.
You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place?

AE: No exclusivity. In Aldus Huxley’s “The Island” there was no marriage and
everyone just transitioned between people. There was no ownership or
possession of other people. I would want everyone to have autonomy and not be
so caught up in monogamy and societal expectations of relationships. Then, we
could all have huge orgies amirite?!

MR.BTL: How long could you go without talking?

AE: Not very long at all. Maybe an hour or two?

MR.BTL: When was the first time you masturbated?

AE: I don’t even remember. I think it’s something I’ve just always done. I started
getting adventurous when I was much older, and eventually bought toys in my
early 20s.

MR.BTL: Favorite thing you love about your body?

AE: I love my legs the most. I get frustrated with my tits, but I love them too.

MR.BTL: What was it like working with The Score Group?

AE: Amazing! So I mentioned the offer I got earlier, but one of the major reasons I
was apprehensive was because the guy wanted me to “audition.” This apparently
is a common thing in the industry (in fact, there’s fake casting couch porn) but I
didn’t feel right about it. There was no testing, no accountability…nothing. When
The Score Group contacted me this was one of the first things we discussed. No
auditioning, I set my own limitations (like that I don’t do anal), and testing is
absolutely 100% required. On top of all that, they paid for my transportation and
hotel, plus treated me like a queen in their amazing studio! They are incredible to
work with.

MR.BTL: Early morning sex or late night sex?

AE: Both! And in the middle of the afternoon.

MR.BTL: Are you into BDSM?

AE: Yes, I have a girlfriend that’s really into it and we keep promising one another
that we’re going to go to the sex club together.

MR.BTL: Have you ever had a threesome? Would you, two guys or you and another

AE: Yep, and foursomes! Actually, I just had my first BBG threesome this past time I
shot with Scoreland (in October). I had been with other couples and with other
women, but never two guys at the same time. And I’m always down for adding
more people to the mix.

MR.BTL: Do you feel comfortable going commando?

AE: Yes, I do it all the time! I have really sensitive skin so I wear a lot of yoga pants
and leggings with no underwear. Even dresses and skirts! I just really don’t like

MR.BTL: Where can people find you at?

AE: I’m usually on Twitter several times a day and I’m planning to be on Chaturbate
full time starting in January. I had hoped to start in October, but things got so
hectic I had to push back camming full time.

MR.BTL: Any last words?

AE: I love what I do! I used to be so sexually repressed and self-conscious about my
body but all of this has changed me. I’m so grateful to get to interact with my fans
and followers.

I would like to thank Aeryn Elise for her time.Be sure to follow her on twitter @AerynGasm. Check out her site www.clubaerynelise.com. 

Today we have an Instagram superstar,and one of my favorite Igers, Darthtater3. Known for her big tits on IG,here you learn more about her. 

BTL: What's an average day for you like?
 DT: I work 0600-1600 five days a week, every other weekend, so the majority of my days revolve around getting up, getting dressed, working 10 hours, coming home, any chores i might need to do, trying to get on snapchat for some take overs or to post, and trying not to fall asleep before that!

BTL: What size are your breasts?
  DT: My bra size is 42 DDD! DD in some bras though

BTL: Now you had photos of you in cars with your tatas out.Do you ever get caught when you flash your boobs and what's the reaction like?
  DT: Surprisingly, I've only been caught twice, and both times it was by men around my age or maybe a little younger. Its such a rush when someone sees, but I'm careful to try and cover up before a family with kids drives by.

BTL: Do you like giving or receiving more?
  DT: I like giving more because I know how good I am at it.......also because most of the time when I receive, its not the best haha

BTL: Favorite position and why? 
  DT: I'm not sure the name but its when i'm laying on my side curled up with my knees as close to my chest as i can get, almost like the fetal position, and he is kneeling behind me entering me from the back. Its so much tighter with my legs together and my knees toward my chest, it doesn't take very long in that position at all........Also doggy is a very close second because I looooove my hips grabbed and my ass slapped.

BTL: You can erase any horrible experience from your past.What will it be? 
  DT: I'm not going to say my most horrible experience because that's too much but every experience i've had has either made for a great story, or shown me what not to do in life.

BTL: Most embarrassing moment? 
  DT: Probably sending the wrong text to someone is the worst thing i can imagine, because then you have to explain that titty pic when you see them next time!

BTL: What type of music do you like?
  DT: I like a lot of music..... metal, swing jazz, alternative rock...... the last 5 stations on my pandora are relaxation radio/five finger death punch radio/ breaking benjamin radio/ santana radio and dance (a$$) radio haha

BTL: Do you like females,in that kind of way?
  DT: I've actually never done anything more than make out and play with a girls tits. I'd love to try and eat a girl out....fuck her with a dildo maybe.....have her do the same to me....its such a fantasy of mine I'd like to live one day soon.

BTL: Now you have Snapchat and Connectpal accounts.Any plans on doing web cam shows or having your own website? 
  DT: I'm leaning more towards starting my own website.... I think there's a market for cam shows but to be honest i need to work on my dirty talking skills haha

BTL: So why do you have two Instagram pages under different names?
  DT: I wanted to have a different instagram page to just show off my tits and it started out that I didn't want anyone to know it was me, which they didn't for a while. haha but it became a little too much now double.dee33 is like my backup page for darthtater3

BTL: What's the feeling you get when you win IG contests?
  DT: Its honestly an amazing feeling that so many people like me and what i post, even if its just for my tits. I try to keep it real and not be a bitch like i know a lot of these other girls can be. I'm just human like the rest of us, and i'm just trying to make it along one day at a time and the fact that right now i have 61 thousand people following me is still amazing to me.

BTL: What can we see on your snapchat and connectpal accounts?
  DT: I post everything on my connectpal! I have solo videos....bj videos...a few sex scenes....i actually just posted a bj video of me and a black guy so i know there's a lot of people excited about that so thats where you can see that. my snapchat is just little pics and vids of me and my life. I post daily tits and try to do some play videos and pics a few times a week, but thats where i can talk one on one with my guys and girls who follow me.

BTL: What is your favorite expletive? 
  DT: Probably the one i use most is fuck. Its just so useful!

BTL: Do you have a secret talent? If so,what is it?
  DT: I think most people don't know I'm actually a pretty good baker. I'm not like some of these other girls that's not working and just snapchatting to get money. I bake and cook and I do some pretty cool cake decorating.

BTL: Do you watch porn?
  DT: I love porn! I love lesbain/squirting/bdsm/public and public humiliation/ hardcore/ big tits!/ just about anything! I switch it up

BTL:  What's the craziest thing you did sexual outdoors? 
  DT: I've done a lot haha. skinny dipping is always so fun.....sex is great too......blow jobs are easier to get away with.....i love anything exciting sexual outside!

BTL: Do you like being dominant or submissive? 
  DT: I'm a total submissive girl. I'm the boss all day at work I don't want to make any more decisions when i get home.

BTL: When you looked in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you thought?
  DT: Fucking work.......i wanted to straighten my hair but fuck it

BTL: You posted pics of guns you have,how many do you have and what's your interest with them?
  DT: I have 2 guns, a sccy .9mm and a Taurus .40 . I always wanted one and to be honest I wanted one before you can't get them with the way this country is going. I'd rather be prepared than not, and I'm a pretty good shot too ;)

BTL: Where can people find you on the internet? 
  DT: Instagram: Darthtater3 or Double.dee33
Snapchat: ddelicious3
email: ddelicious33@gmail.com

BTL: Any last words? 
 DT: Thank you so much for this! I had so much fun answering and hope everyone enjoys a little insight into my life and me personally!

I want to thank @darthtater3 for her time.Be sure to follow her on instagram.


Today,let me introduce to Miss Charlotte Angel.You may have seen this big breasted newcomer on PlumperPass and in the Scoreland universe of sites but now you find her here at Big Titty Lovers.I found her on twitter,@CharltAngel,and was amazed at what I saw,so I had to do my homework to find out more about this busty lady.I liked what I found and now here we are.Hope you enjoy the interview.

BTL: Where are you from?
  CA:  Originally I’m from Pennsylvania but I’m in Orlando now

BTL:  What are your measurements?
  CA: 38 E boobs

BTL: Is there anybody special in your life?
CA: Nope! Single and happy!

BTL: What's your sexual fantasy?
  CA: One of my favorites is having someone be a little rough! So anything that involves stuff like being                   shoved up against a wall and fucked!

BTL: Now I like that one. How long have you been in the adult industry and what made you get into it? 
  CA: I haven’t been in it all that long really, a little under a year I believe!

BTL: Do you have a Webcam service or website? Is that something you would want to get into down the              line? 
CA: I will be camming very very soon! I ran into some technical issues that slowed me down a little but I’m pretty its all fixed now! I do have a website its angelxproductions.com

BTL: How was it working for Score and Plumperpass? Any plans to work with them again and what other companies have you worked for?
  CA: It was great! I love working with both of those companies! I don’t have anything planned just yet but hopefully soon!

BTL:  Worst possible time to get horny is?
 CA: I would have to say when you’re at a restaurant about to eat.

BTL: Do you like to talk dirty?
 CA: Hell yes!

BTL: A day in the life of Charlotte Angel is?
 CA: Usually shopping around for fun stuff to wear, work, going to the beach whenever I can

BTL: Do you have any unusual kinks or fetishes?
 CA: No, not really

BTL: Favorite sexual position and why?
 CA: Hmmmmm…..I’d have to say doggy is one of my favorites

BTL: Best thing about having big boobs is?
 CA: Everything! Lol! They make everything you wear look soooo much sexier!

BTL: When was the last time you watched porn? And do you watch yourself?
 CA: I cant even tell you, No I don’t really watch my own stuff.

BTL: If you had one night with a celebrity crush,what would it be like,and who is your crush?
  CA: Ohhhh man…just one! Lol! I’d have to say Seth Rollins from the WWE! Hes so yuuuummmmy! A night with him? PSh! There’d be no sleeping involved ill tell u that! LOL!

BTL: Where can people find you on the internet?
 CA: They can find me on twitter and instagram……go on the Plumperpass sites and XLgirls.com to see all of my fun.

I want to thank Charlotte Angel for her time.I know us here at Big Titty Lovers wish you much success and look forward to your future projects.
You can follow her on Twitter @CharltAngel   on Instagram @charlotte.angel84 and be sure to check her site,  angelxproductions.com



Today,I have the pleasure of welcoming and interviewing the great Candace Moon.Known for her lovely soft big boobs,and high heels,but in this interview we learn more about this busty legend.

BTL: First off,thank you for taking time for me.What are your measurements?
CM:  38G-35-45

BTL: How and why did you get into the adult industry?
CM:  It all started because My husband liked taking scandalous photos of Me. We put some up                            on an adult website and it just went from there. 

BTL: In the business, it seems to be a short life span for some.Now I know some just do it to cover college cost or whatever but for the ones that want to be in the business for awhile,they don't last long.Why do you think that is?
CM: This industry will chew you up and spit you out. It's hard. No pun intended. You've got to be extremely secure with yourself and enjoy what you do enough to let all the hate go in one ear and out the other.

BTL: How do you maintain to be successful in this industry?
CM:  I take breaks. I go on total communication lock down. I only do what I enjoy.

BTL: Do you have any advice to women who want to be in the industry?
CM:  Work for yourself, first and foremost. Even if you want to work for big companies, never forget that, to them, you are just another pretty face.  You are just a name and a number. When the next pretty face comes along, you will be old news. Build your own income that relies solely on you.
BTL: That is true,just another pretty face. What kind of videos do you make?
CM:   Femdom fetish mostly.  Findom is a favorite.  Calf muscle fetish.  BIG TITS, of course!! Some of My personal favs are: pantyhose, fishnet, high heels, lipstick and bubblegum.

BTL: How did you get into the fetish side?
CM:  My persona today was created by My clients. I do what sells and more and more I was being asked for femdom videos, financial domination videos.
BTL:  Do you cam,if yes,where and what can people see?
CM:  I do cam on a small basis, usually on skype. I am looking at starting to do weekly live shows on My website, MsCandaceM.com and I do have the ability to do pay per min shows there as well.  I do fetish shows, same variety as My clips.  The best way to inquire is to email Me. Candacemoonxxx@gmail.com

BTL:  What can we find on your site?
CM:   Lots of big tits, lots of tease and denial, foot fetish, legs, jerk off instructions, joi games, lingerie, all the fun stuff.

BTL:  A few years ago I told you about a video that I saw of you on a tubesite,and I knew it didn't belong on there.If a fan sees a video of you somewhere other than your site,what should they do?
CM: They can write Me at My email and let Me know..
BTL:  People don't realize that when you people posts videos on tube sites that it's basically taking money out of your favorite model/sex worker account which in the end,means you most likely won't be seeing them soon.You,as a customer,paid for it why share it? Do you share your boxers? I don't get it but how do you feel about tubesites? Do they hurt you or help promote you?
CM:  I am on a couple tube sites just to maintain a presence, but in general, they don't help. For huge sites, they will add old scenes to a tube site because it's advertisement.  But guys see that and they feel it's ok to add whole videos that they buy from solo girls. They have to understand that, that's money directly out of your fav girls pocket. Your fav girl does solo porn most likely to pay her bills. When you post her vids for free and guys don't buy, your fav girl isn't going to continue filming. She won't financially be able to.  Long story short...PAY for your porn!! And don't share. Lol.

BTL:  Do you get recognized in public and what's the reaction?
CM:  Thankfully, I don't. Or if I do, no one has ever approached Me.

BTL:  What is it like having big,soft,natural tits?
CM:   Powerful.  Men are so weak for My huge boobs.

BTL: Lol,yea big boobs have always been my weakness. Favorite sexual act and why?
CM:  Oral. Because.....of reasons.

BTL: Haha.  Now I find it funny and you seem to enjoy going at a person who comes at you wrong on social media.Why not just ignore the troll?
CM:  I do ignore...a lot. What you see on My social media is only a very small portion of the stupidity that I see.  But sometimes I get a message and I'm just in a bad mood. I feel the need to make an example of some of these morons.  It genuinely pisses Me off that these guys feel so completely entitled to whatever they want. 

BTL: Where can we find you online?
CM: Oh, so many places.
         Instagram: MsCandaceM
         Twitter: @CandaceMoon
         Clips4sale: c4s.com/11668
         My own website: MsCandaceM.com

BTL:  Be sure you check her out on her sites.Any last words?
CM:  Only, thank you for having Me and being patient because I took so long to complete the interview!! 



Today at Big Titty Lovers we have an interview with Aleksandra Yalova. A busty beauty from Brazil.She can be found on twitter @aleksyalova. Sit back and let's get to know her.

MrBTL: Where are you originally from?

AY: Hi Dre, thank you for inviting me for this interview! I was born and currently live in São  Paulo, Brazil.

MrBTL: What are your measurements?

AY: My height is 1.70cm, 118cm tits, 86cm waist line, 117cm hips

MrBTL: How would you describe yourself?

AY: As a bright, mysterious and sensual redhead... Sometimes absolutely shy and introvert but always wise and joyful.

MrBTL: So what is life like in Brazil?

AY: It is wonderful but of course we have so many problems like everybody knows...

MrBTL: In America nudity is almost like breaking the law.Like over-seas they are more free to express themselves sexually.How is it down there?

AY: People have a false image of Brazil, perhaps because of parties (like carnival) and beaches? We may be a more "naked" country because of the heat and also we greatly appreciate the beauty but not everyone likes to expose their intimacy or be associated to the brazilian who wants to "express their sexuality".

MrBTL: How do you like to have your breasts handled?

AY: With love and delicacy!

MrBTL: Yes,all breasts should be handled with love,haha. What goes on during your cam shows? Is just solo action or do you have company involved?

AY: Solo and mostly playing with pussy and tits.

MrBTL:  Who would you like to work with in the industry?

AY: I already realized a dream which is work with Safada.tv ( https://safada.tv/canal/flagra-amador/) it was an exciting experience. The next step is get into the Scoreland team, this is my goal!

MrBTL: Anything I can do to help you achieve that goal I will do.Now do you planning on having your own website one day?

AY: It will be ready in few weeks, I promise.

MrBTL: I see you have videos on Xvideos.com.And I must say that you are amazing. I still have the image of you getting fucked in my head,haha.Is porn something you want to get into?

AY: Sure, as I said I had a great experience with Safada.tv. There were a lot of people judging me but there were much more praises and compliments. It brought me a lot of fans and increased my work schedule.

MrBTL:  Alright,I just want to know how do you say the following words in your native language ; Big tits,Fucking,Blowjob, and Big Titty Lovers. If there is a translation for them?

AY: Haha, it's so weird to translate but let's go;
Big tits = peitões/peitos grandes, Fucking: foder, Blowjob: boquete/oral
Big Titty Lovers: "Amantes dos Seios Grandes" or even "Apaixonados por Peitões". U choose.

MrBTL: Haha thank you. I  saw something on twitter about you contacting the people at Score magazine.What is the deal with that? Is modeling some you want to do?

AY: I've sent my pics for them, let's hope for the best! I am very confident.

MrBTL:  What is your favorite position and why?

AY: Deck chair and doggstyle because it perfectly fits on my pussy and asshole.

MrBTL: Swallow or facial?

AY: Facial

MrBTL:  Ever perform a sexual act in public/outdoors,if so explain? 

AY: Nothing very weird... I used to make a blowjobs in my boyfriend's  car when I was younger.

MrBTL:  Do you still escort? I think most people still don't know exactly what an escort is.Is it just sex or is it more like hanging out with that person for that period of time?

AY: It depends on the girl. Personally it's both. Some guys just want an intense sex for a certain period, others want a nice and polite girl to dinner, watch a movie, travel, parties or just talk.

MrBTL: And who wouldn't want you by their side. Do you get recognized when you go out?

AY: Sometimes, mostly in night clubs, bars and malls. I get very shy but the same time happy and sexy haha.

MrBTL:  Where can people find you at on the internet? 

AY: My website will be available soon but I am mostly in Twitter and Instagram, GpFace and other escort site services.

MrBTL:  Any last words for the people? 

AY: Hope you guys enjoy my content, follow my twitter @aleksyalova for news! Thanks for all the support and love. Once again, Dre, thank you for this interview. I am honored.

Thanks to the wonderful Aleksandra for taking the time to do this interview. Be sure to follow her on twitter @aleksyalova and contact the folks at Score @elliot_james @SCORESTUDIO @Scoreland and tell them about Aleksandra and let's get her in Score and Voluptuous.



Earlier this year, I ran a feature of Miss Taylor Juggs.Well,guess who is back on Big Titty Lovers and has granted me an interview. The huge breasts of Taylor Juggs are back!!!!!

BTL: Where are you from?
  TJ: SF Bay Area

BTL: What are your measurements?
  TJ: I'm not sure but I do Have Amazing 44I Boobs

BTL:Yes,they are amazing.Sexual preference?
  TJ: I am Bi

BTL: How and why did you get into the adult industry?
  TJ: I had always wanted to do something fun and exciting

BTL:Now you was gone from the business but now you're back.Any reason for the break?
  TJ: I took a break because I had a child and I have also went through alot of family losses

BTL:Sorry about your losses. What advice would you give to ladies coming into the                          business?
  TJ: Be aware of who you are working with and be smart!

BTL: Who,if any,in the industry that you look up to?
  TJ: Norma Stitz, Kim Eternity, Vanessa Del Rio "The Greats"

BTL: Who would you like to work with in the industry?
  TJ: There are so many I cant even name them all

BTL: Do you plan on doing any more porn videos?
  TJ: I would like to do G/G and Fetish Films

BTL: You wear alot of hats such as modeling,Adult entertainer,how many titles do you have?  
 TJ: I am a vlogger, blogger, mother, adult store owner just to name a few

BTL: What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future?
  TJ: More clips coming of course, magazine layout with naughtygirlmagazine, a cover in                                       November with NGM as well and maybe my own Magazines Taylorandfriends and my  1st very own           TaylorJuggs Magazine as well

BTL: Oh wow,good luck with those a day we look forward to them. How do you like your big ones                        handled?
  TJ: I love to have them touched very soft and sensual no biting them or being rough

BTL: So how does Taylor Juggs get down in the bedroom?
  TJ: I am a hopeless romantic for me its what you do before we get to the bed that                                               counts..Candles, roses, champagne, sensual and sexy lingerie, sensual whispering, and so much               more...

BTL: I think it's time for BBW Con to start expanding to other cities like Exxxotica does.Your                                  thoughts?
   TJ: I would love for it to come to SF

BTL: A day in the life of Miss Taylor Juggs is?
  TJ: Raising my children, working, and a little play time

BTL: Where can people find you at on the internet?
  TJ: On twitter @thetaylorjshow , on tumblr @allabouttaylorj510 and also my links site                                          www.itsmyurls.com/misstaylorj

BTL: Name 5 things you can't live without?
  TJ: My kids, my family, my closest friends,my phone/tablet/laptop, my makeup, my oils

BTL: Top 3 favorite foods?
   TJ: Soul Food, Chinese, and mexican/cuban food

BTL: Any last words?
 TJ: Live life to the fullest because you are not promised tomorrow

I want to thank Miss Taylor Juggs for her time.If you want to know more about her,you can check her out on twitter @thetaylorjshow and www.itsmyurls.com/misstaylorj 



Today,I am truly honored to be doing this interview with the great and lovely,Samanta Lily.As a fan of hers,it was kind of like being star strucked.But as a blogger I knew I had a job to do. I’m just lucky that it wasn’t a live one on one interview cause then you would’ve heard me repeating questions cause I would’ve been in awe of her beauty and boobs.But I think I did a good job with this one.As a fan it did help cause I kinda knew what she’s into instead of just asking the regular questions.
Where are you originally from?
I come from Eastern Europe. I am mix of russian and polish.  I keep in secret my current location.
What is your true bust and bra size?
When did your breasts first start to develop?
At 9.
Do big Boobs run in your family?
No (Or probably from grand grand grand mother who I did not see )
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Anything who is associated with sports activities. Especially learning poledance.
How did you get into the adult industry, and what made you do it?
Big debts in banks.
How have having huge boobs helped or hurt you in your life?
They hurted me always. Especially when I was teenager. I had complex about my big boobs. I thought that I have ugly body, cause the peers laughed about me.
But my tits helped me in 3 important situations : 1) I got rid of debts, 2) Finally I got serious boyfriend who has big tit fetish and truly loves me, 3) I got lots of money for living and now I can afford anything I want.
Why do you think Instagram keep removing your account,do they give you a reason?
They never explain me why it happens. All they can send me are automatic emails. Probably haters are reporting me.  My account has been deactivated 8 times. I will celebrate when I reach 10 LoL.
Since you came into the industry your popularity has risen a lot across the internet.Why do you think that is?
Its because I am very active and do many updates. Also I was shooting  for 5 websites. (Pinupfiles, SCORE, DDF, Yesboobs.com, divinebreasts.com). If you want to be successful, you have to work hard.
In public,I know your breasts are hard to hide but do you show them off or try your best to keep them covered?
I think deep in my heart I am still a teenager, who depends of other people opinion.  If I will show them off then other women will hate me. Russian people have different mentality. I try to escape negativity, thats why in public I try to keep them covered.
I remember this one video you had on connectpal,where you was bouncing your big ones in a car.What was the reactions from the other drivers that may have seen you? Have you ever gotten caught with the girls out in public?
I did not see the reaction of other drivers, cause we were driving very fast. I have never got caught naked in public :)
So you have your site now,samantalily.eu,what are your plans with it? Like is it just for you or would discover new ladies and have them on there?
I want to include other busty girls in my website. I hope i will success on it :)
Will there be a chance of you working with other big boobed ladies like Milena Velba,Leanne Crow,Nadine Jansen,and others?
I wish I could work with Milena Velba and other busty ladies :)
  Would you do anything with your man on your site?
I will never do hardcore. And he doesn't want to appear on cams.
Can you tell us about your Skype shows,how much,what we would see,and how we get them?
Skype is the only place where I show more than boobs. I play with my different size toys. Skypeshow rate is $5/min  http://profiles.skyprivate.com/model/92429-samanta-lily?aff=1zbh
  What makes you smile?
Happy people and animals.
Where can people find you on the internet?
https://twitter.com/Sexy_Lovely_Sam   and  samantalily.eu
Any last words to the people?
Be thankful for anything you already have. And don't forget to watch naked tities 10 minutes a day, cause it reduces risk of heart attack or stroke, and extends man's life.
I want to thank Samanta for her time.This interview has made me even a bigger fan of hers.Her honesty, sense of humor,and realness really showed.Samanta is much more than huge boobs.I will always support her and I hope you do too.I urge you to contact Milena Velba about working with Samanta, I know I will.Together they would really crash/break the internet. I'm kinda glad to hear that she won't be doing porn.She can always simulate it in her videos anyway,so we won't see any sausages lol.Can you imagine seeing her play sports and poledancing. Seeing that alone is worth admission into her site,samantalily.eu.



Here it is,my interview with one of my favorite tweeters.Unless you're new to this blog,then you will know that she is #TEAMBTL,#MVB,and is also the Queen of my team.She is one of the coolest people on twitter.I ask that you come at her correct if you follow her.I protect my team members lol.Just come at her with respect if you do.You can follow her @bustymilfsc.Her husband is also on twitter.Hope you enjoy the interview,and I want to thank her for time.

1.What are your measurements?

My measurements are 42DD,36,43.

2. What made you decide to show yourself on twitter,vine,etc?

This is kinda funny. My husband and I used to joke alot about me posting pics on Twitter, showing my boobs of course! He would dare me to do it and of course I wouldn't because I'm painfully shy. One day last October, he started daring me to do it so I took 3 pics and posted them! He couldn't believe I had done and neither could I!! I started getting a bunch of followers that first day and some really great comments. That was how it started :)!

3. If you can,tell us a little about yourself?

I'm a stay-at-home mom. I have 3 beautiful kids, 2 boys,13&9 and a daughter who is 6. I've been married to my hubby for 16 years and he's my best friend, lover, and soul mate.I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful family. I also home school my 3 kids.

4.What are some of your interests?

I love reading and I have a huge book collection. I love sci-fi books and Asian inspired books. My favorite books are "Memoirs of a Geisha"

and "How to be American Housewife."

5. How do your husband feel about you showing the goods to everybody?

My hubby loves the attention I get and he encourages me to post pics! I always ask his opinion and take how he feels about the pics into consideration. We are very secure in our relationship, so he's not worried about me cheating or going anywhere.

6. What's your favorite position and why?

My favorite position is riding him or "cowgirl", because in that position he always hits the G-spot.He can reach up and grab my boobs and play with them also . My second favorite is standing up , bent at the waist while he pounds it from behind , pulling my hair and smacking my ass!!

7. Do you like to give or receive better?

I love giving and receiving. Giving him oral turns me on so much that I can and have came while sucking his dick, without even being touched!! LOL ;) I love deep throating him while massaging his balls, while looking up at his face....seeing the pleasure that I'm giving him puts me over the edge. On the other hand, I love to sit on his face and grind until I squirt all in his mouth and face. He's so so good at it!

8. Now of course,you have a great set of tits,but what do you think is your best asset?

I think that my personality is my best asset. I adore my followers and try to communicate with as many as I can.I do my best to answer any questions that they may have. I love to see the comments that everyone posts and truly and sincerely appreciate it!!!!

9. How do you feel about the attention you get?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the attention that I get!!! My self esteem was very low at the time when I started posting pics.I just didnt feel pretty or sexy at all :(....I posted a couple of topless pics, not really expecting any response, I gained alot of followers fast! It really has changed how i view myself

10. Ever been or care to be with another female?

Yes, I have been with a female on more than occasion. I love the soft, sensual feel of a woman's body against mine. Women on the other hand are so much harder to initiate sex with! I definitely love to be giving oral to a woman while my hubby hits it from behind!! That's so HOT!

11. Are you into swinging?

We are into swinging to a certain extent.We are not a full swap couple. We are into soft swap and same room sex with our own partner, we love to watch and be watched!! I have no desire to see my hubby with another woman. He is very turned on by watching me with another woman and I love it! FYI..my biggest fantasy is to be on my knees between hubby and another man, dicks on each side of my face, alternating between sucking and rubbing the two!!!!

12.How do you like your boobs handle?

I like for my boobs to be cupped from behind, massaging my nipples ​very slowly. I do not like my boobs handled roughly, they're very sensitive.

13. Do you like to tit fuck?

I'm going to be honest here and tell you that I don't especially enjoy titfucking. That doesn't mean that i won't do it though. If my man wants to titfuck, then that is absolutely what i'm going to do, whatever keeps him happy;)

14. Ever done anything naughty in public?

Yes, I have!! My hubby and I went to the park and he sat me on the picnic table and I had on a skirt, so he spread my legs, pulled my panties to the side and ate my pussy right there on the picnic table.

15.How does feel to be apart of  TEAMBTL,and be crowned the Queen on the team?

I love that I'm a part of TEAM BTL...I was excited when I was crowned Queen because it really did make me feel sexy and attractive!!

16.Any last words?

I just want to say Thank You to each and every one of my followers! I love all the comments and DM's that I get. I hope that my pics bring little happiness to someone's day and at least makes them smile! My followers feel like my friends and they are awesome!! I've only had one bad, seriously only one, since I started on here in October 2013. I think that's because I always go above and beyond to make sure I'm nice to everyone. I do my best to answer any questions that anybody may have. I don't mind pic requests and work hard to get them done.I love responding to comments from followers!! You guys make me feel super sexy and beautiful!



Here it is, my interview with one of my favorite people.I'm glad that I can call her a friend.She is way more than just big boobs.This interview will turn you on.She keeps it real 100%.So sit back and enjoy learning more about the sexy,naturally busty, beautiful, and genuine Arodswifey.

1)What are your measurements? My breast size is 36 G cup -28-38 I'm 5'4".
2)What is your favorite position and why? I like being on top so they can suck on me as I ride them.
3)Have you ever used your breasts to get out of something or get what you wanted? I have gotten bottles of wine , perfume things like that , nothing like a trip to Aruba though ( I wish).
4)What are your turn ons and offs? My turn ons are laughter, open mind , &  likes technology ,having fun.
My turn offs are body odor , pubic hair ( I sound cray cray on that) negativity , bad teeth and nails.
5)What do you do when you see someone staring at your chest? I know they are big even if I'm completely covered up so it ok to stare at my boobs I'm down with it.
6)Is having big boobs a positive or negative for you? I love having boobs, I hate when women bitch about having big boobs, I love the attention spent on them (no complaining from me!).
7)Do you ever get tired of the attention that you get from having big boobs? NEVER... Suck as long as you like;0).
8)What's your fantasy? I have done EVERYTHING sexually.
9)What's the freakish thing you have done? I used a strap on with a guy ( small one , of course) currently guys want the lactation fantasy which i do.
10)What's the best way to make you cum? Playing with my clit softly as you suck on my nipples I will explode.
11)Rapid reply; Facials? Tit fucking? Anal? Women? Yes or no? Facials yes, tit fucking yes, anal no and women , no ( strictly dickly).
12)How do you like your sex? Lots of forplay. I give as I get , my dick sucking will blow your mind (no pun intended;0)).
13)Do you enjoy teasing men? Very much so & they love it too.
14)How did it feel to win Big Boober of the Month? You beat out some well known models too. Shocking because I am a normal person , I'm not a model or adult web girl , I am very honored to win it I truly am.
15)You're a blog favorite, how does it feel to be a mainstay on the Big Titty Lovers blog?  I love it , for anyone to find me even remotely attractive or interesting it's a huge compliment.
16)What do you do in your spare time? I'm a huge social media nerd and I post and upload tons of fotos to the border of insanity.
17) How many pets do you have and what are they? A zoo, I have a cornsnake , a red ear slider turtle  named Pattymelt , 2 cockatiels and chichuaua , Pico de gallo ....& ....( drumroll) ...8 cats! It's a little crazy but in case you didn't know it I'm a huge Animal lover.
18) Any favorite foods? Pizza , Mexican I swear I could eat both everyday and never get tired of it & I love cheeseburgers too.
19) Arodswifey, so we all know how much you like him.Do you have any other favorites and are you a big sports fan? I love Alex Rodriguez ( I can hear the boos now) and I love Albert Pujols too I'm a huge baseball fan , I like most sports , at work I talk sports 70% of the time with the guys.
20) Do you drink or smoke much? I do like hookah it's been awhile though , I will smoke weed on a occasion , yes I am known to drink from time to time , I like girly drinks.
21) Any plans on going back blonde or getting more ink done?I have several tattoos. I would love to get one more then I'm done ( or so I say)
My hair was breaking off from the bleaching so I had to go back to my natural color , I hated it at first now it's growing on me but I will be blonde but not until my hair is healthy again.
22) Do your tats have any special meaning? They are sexy btw. No for the most part I liked the design or placement of the tattoo , I did get a exes name on my wrist which I regret , I do plan on getting it covered when I can , it's been 10 yrs and truthfully I forget about it until someone points it out but I do need to cover it , when people ask me I tell them it's my dad's name so I don't hear a lecture , honest to god!
23)Any last words from the President and Goddess of Team BTL? As the president I say 'keep sucking on those titties gentlemen!'  
This is the most I spent interviewing anybody and it was well worth it.I want to thank her for her time and for doing this.She's a real good friend and person as I knew most of the answers but this was for you guys.And yes her dick sucking skills will put porn stars to shame.She is a real down to earth woman.That's why I love her.She is the best and look forward to seeing more of her.


One of my favorite tweeters and a former Best Boobs contest winner on this blog.Trinety G is one of the coolest people in the industry.Be sure to follow her @TrinetyG on twitter.She's also apart of #TEAMBTL so it's a must you follow her.I want to thank her for her time to do this interview.

1.What are your measurements?
38J - 34- 48 

2.What made you get into the adult business?

3.What are the pros and cons about being a web-cam girl?
Pro - Being able to do something I enjoy while bringing pleasure to others (for a profit of course)
Con - The biggest loss for me about getting into the industry is my lack of privacy and the fact that i havent had a real vacation in 4 years

4.Where can we find you to see you on cam?
 TOP 3 sites I spend my time on
Also offering Skype shows via http://www.skyprivate.com/?aff=3gt

5.Now,I know you shot for Score magazine.What was that experience like?And would you do it again?
Score was my first professional shoot. They took my porn cherry! I really enjoyed my experience with them and would love to do some more work for them

6.If people follow you on twitter,what can they expect?
I post when and where i'm logging on cam! Deals for content or shows! Always posting naughty pics and videos! 

7.Now lets get sexual,lol.What is your favorite position?
On Top

8.What was it like working with one of the greats in Samantha38G?And is there anybody else you would want to work with?
Sam was so amazing to work with. I learned so much from her. A lot of people give her a hard time but shes really a kind lady. Very informative! She sent me home with porn-homework!

9.You have big boobs,which gets a lot of attention,but what do you think is your best feature?
I'm the total package! Stacked in front and back. Cute face with a chubby waist. Personally is sassy and sophisticated, mildly tainted by my sarcasm 

10.How long have you been doing this?
4 years on cam / 2 years in porn 

11.Where can the people find you at online?
no but seriously I have Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, facebook, fetlife (for you kinky peeps) and I'm a member of a bunch of other adult websites and cam sites. If you find me dont be shy, cum say hi! 

12.Any last thing you want to say to your fans and people?
to my FANS - you know who the real ones are, THANK you for your support! to the other people....step it up and keep it honest!



Yes,I was lucky enough to get an interview with the sweet Sabina Leigh.Be sure to follow her on twitter @Sabina_Leigh and check out her brand new website,http://www.sabina-leigh.com/
Now sit back and I hope everyone enjoys this interview.

1. What are your measurements?

I am a dress size 14 with a 36I bra size. I don't really know my exact measurements at the moment, they are always subtly shifting.

2. How did you get into the adult business?

I got into the adult industry 12 years ago when I was in college because I had white girl dreadlocks and a bunch of facial piercings in the middle of conservative Iowa and the porn store was the only place that would hire me in town. Such a silly thing that would end up influencing the rest of my life. I became very interested in the adult industry in all of its aspects and actually ended up studying it and writing about it academically. After college, I thought I would try modeling with Score. You can see my very first scene in Bounce Baby Bounce by the Score Group. I was a deer in the headlights on that one. That was my first work as an adult performer and I've been doing it ever since.

3. Are there any pros and cons about the business?

Oh yeah, there are a lot of pros and cons. But ultimately the biggest cons, like in any business, are the market fluctuations. And of course with the shift in porn delivery systems, It becomes increasingly difficult to make profits in porn. Sometimes its really just a labor of love. I'm probably a crazy person. Help out and sign up for your favorite girls' sites. We are all working our booties off because we do love it at the end of the day. So, show your love.

4. Personally,I found out about you in Score magazine and quickly became a fan.w a few of your videos with them and BangBros.Do you plan on doing any more videos or just for your site?

I'd love to be working on my site and with other companies. It would be great if Score or Bang Bros wanted to work with me again.

5. What is your favorite position and why?

My favorite position depends on who I am with at that moment. Everyone fits together a little different. Right now I've been enjoying being on the bottom while my guy is fucking me from a 90 degree angle as he grabs my tits. Does that make sense?

6.What are some of your fanasties?

My fantasies are all over the place depending on the day. Today, I think I'd like to peg a big republican dude with a strap on then make him take me out for steak.

7. What was your life like before you became Sabina Leigh?

I was a big hippie lesbian feminist with a shaved head. I worked in radical politics. So, it was very different. Very different worlds, but I kind of love them both.

8. Can you tell us about your new site and what can we look forward to when we sign up?

Yes, Sabina-Leigh.com is my very first solo girl site. Its all about me and what I'm really into, and exploring myself as I tap more and more into my sexual self. I swear I keep discovering new things about myself all of the time. There are a lot of upcoming scenes with me really getting off and trying out new things. All of the videos are HD and fully downloadable, with high resolution photo sets. There is a special video interview section, called Sex Talk where fans can write in questions and I will be answering them in video clips on the site. Also, there are a lot of archived photo sets I've been collecting from my favorite shoots over the years that I finally get to share with everyone. Plus, members get access to my private members only diary, and they get access to talk to me directly. So, there are a lot of great perks that come with my economical introductory pricing. Check it out, Sabina-Leigh.com

9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe a few years back you had a wordpress or another site where you gave out sexual tips and information.Will there be a section on your site about the advice you give out?

Yes, I will be giving out advice on the site in my Sex Talk section of the site where members can write in and ask whatever they want.

10.Can you explain what a sexistentialist is?

Sexistentialism is an attempt to evoke a person's subject on camera through sexuality as opposed to only creating an object for the viewer.

11.Any thing you want to say to your fans and the people?

I love and appreciate you all so so so much. You all are the reason I continue to do what I do through the roller coaster of it all. Please stop by the site at Sabina-Leigh.com and check it out. I'd love it if you signed up and gave me feed back in these early days of the site as I work towards bringing my fans the stuff they love most.



Kristy is one of my favorite people in the adult business,and it was really great that she gave me some time for this little interview.She is pure beauty,and is really sweet.

1. How long have you been in the business and what made you get into it?
4 years now.

2. What are the ups and downs about it?
My experience in the adult industry hasn’t been the best one. I mean working with Plumper Pass was great and having my website was fun but I somehow got exposed to the wrong people and it quickly turned into not a fun thing anymore. This is a BIG reason why I’m closing my site down.

3. Why do you think you have some fakes on the internet of you,and what can we,fans,bloggers,etc do to help bring down these rip offs?
Unfortunately, there’s only so much that can be done. Reporting the ads and have them take it down or calling the girls directly and confronting them doesn’t  mean they are gonna stop using the pics. The ad might get deleted but they can easily just put up another one. Watermarking my pictures obviously is pointless when I have women claiming to be me and saying I’m visiting from Miami. Usually the way I find out someone is using my pics is when a fan see’s it. They’ll either ask if I’m really in their town or some just straight up know its not me and email/call and tell me. I don’t know why they do it. I guess they really like my pictures. Its much like the saying goes “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

4. What are your measurements?
Right now 40DD/DDD-35-46

5.Was there a reason for your recent weight loss?
Only reason is to be happy with myself. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time now but never really got anywhere. I was doing it all wrong. This time around I decided to do it the healthy way. No pills or fad diets; just eating clean and exercising. So far I’ve lost 61 lbs and I feel amazing. Can’t even begin to imagine how much better I’ll feel once I’ve reached my goal weight.

 6. We are sorry to hear that your site will be down.Will you have another one,and where can we find you on the net?
I’m not sure yet. For the time being I will redirect my site to my blog  http://kristylust.blogspot.com/ once it closes. You can still find me on Tumblr: http://kristylust.tumblr.com/; Twitter: http://twitter.com/kristylust and Facebook: http://facebook.com/kristy.lustbbw
7. Now you have some great outdoor videos. Have you ever got caught and can we expect more videos of you in public?
Yes, once. I believe we were filming our first public video at a park and a man caught me on my knees. It was actually pretty funny. He was cool tho and I just kept on going. There will definitely be more public videos. This is something that my husband and I love to do. Its very exciting.

 8. What are your favorite positions?
I like variety but doggy is definitely one of the faves. I just love being gripped by my waist and getting pounded.

 9. How do your man feel when you have all these guys and girls drooling over you? I know he's one lucky man though.
He’s not really the jealous type. I mean doing what I do, you can’t be with someone that is super jealous. Of course, every now and then it happens but I always reassure him that he has nothing to worry about.

10. Can we get you to come to our cities for like bachelor parties,strip clubs,or hosting parties,etc?
The only way to see me is if you live in Miami or are down here visiting. I would love to do a tour around different cities someday but for now you gotta come to me. Guys, definitely look me up if you are down here and wanna treat yourself to a good time ;)

11. Any thing you want to say to your fans and the readers of this blog?
Love you guys! Follow me on my blogs, twitter and Facebook. Stop by and say hi. I love hearing from you.  Lots of xoxo!

I want to thank the  lovely Kristy Lust for her time.Be sure to visit her links,trust me,you won't be disappointed.And you know you will be seeing lots more of her right here on Big Titty Lovers!!!!!!!!!!


What are your measurements?
I am a 38DD right now.....although probably moving towards 36DD....had a baby 18 months ago. When pregnant I was a 38G!
How long have you been married?
Almost 13 years....
What made you share yourself with others on the internet?
My husband always told me my breasts were perfect and that if he posted pics, the reaction would be amazing!
What aryour favorite positions?
I love to be on top of hubby best.... He is so excited when he gets to get my breasts in his face dangling down...and I love to be in control!
What would you say is your best feature?
My hubby says my face....but I know he really thinks my breasts! I love my legs also,I was a dancer prior so they are quite nice!
What are your turn-ons and offs?
I love a sense of humor and a man who loves to appreciate my breasts!
Where can people find you online?
Alot of places....I post mainly on xhamster
Are your nipples sensitive?
They are VERY sensitive....I have cum before when my nipples are played with just right
How does if feel to have guys get off themselves off to you?
It makes my ego alot....not to mention when I see a guy staring at my breasts now, I wonder if he has cum looking at my pics already!
Anything else you wanna say to the guys and gals?
Thanks for looking and appreciating my pics and my hubby hopes to post more soon!

I would like to thank The Mystery Milf for her time.You will be seeing more of her right here on this blog.Maybe we'll get to see those legs of hers next time.



First I want to thank you for your time.You are gaining alot of followers on Twitter thanks to your amazing photos of your beautiful body.Hopefully we can get to know you a little more after this interview.What are your official measurements? "36G2840"

Now,what about those nipples? They are mouth watering,lol,you just want to lick and taste them.How sensitive are they? "Very sensitive"
Have you ever modeled before? If so,where? "Privately"

So from what you told me before you are planning on having a web-cam or website.Is that still in the works? And how is that coming along? "YesI would love thatam looking into it now."

For  those that don't know,where can they find that video of you holding your big tits? "Dailymotion.  http://dai.ly/kOAQfn "

What do you like to do in your spare time? "I want to model more"

What do it mean to you to have men and women compliment you about your body? "I LOVE IT!"
Speaking of men and women,lol,which one do you prefer in the bedroom? "Men"

If you don't mind,what are your favorite positions? "On top & on all fours with the man behind."
I would like to thank you again Kenya for your time.I hope we can do this again.Any thing you want to say to the people? "Thank you so much for following meI love that you like me & aim to please youI hope you will want to see me o

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