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Thursday, June 28, 2012


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Kristy is one of my favorite people in the adult business,and it was really great that she gave me some time for this little interview.She is pure beauty,and is really sweet.

1. How long have you been in the business and what made you get into it?
4 years now.

2. What are the ups and downs about it?
My experience in the adult industry hasn’t been the best one. I mean working with Plumper Pass was great and having my website was fun but I somehow got exposed to the wrong people and it quickly turned into not a fun thing anymore. This is a BIG reason why I’m closing my site down.

3. Why do you think you have some fakes on the internet of you,and what can we,fans,bloggers,etc do to help bring down these rip offs?
Unfortunately, there’s only so much that can be done. Reporting the ads and have them take it down or calling the girls directly and confronting them doesn’t  mean they are gonna stop using the pics. The ad might get deleted but they can easily just put up another one. Watermarking my pictures obviously is pointless when I have women claiming to be me and saying I’m visiting from Miami. Usually the way I find out someone is using my pics is when a fan see’s it. They’ll either ask if I’m really in their town or some just straight up know its not me and email/call and tell me. I don’t know why they do it. I guess they really like my pictures. Its much like the saying goes “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

4. What are your measurements?
Right now 40DD/DDD-35-46

5.Was there a reason for your recent weight loss?
Only reason is to be happy with myself. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time now but never really got anywhere. I was doing it all wrong. This time around I decided to do it the healthy way. No pills or fad diets; just eating clean and exercising. So far I’ve lost 61 lbs and I feel amazing. Can’t even begin to imagine how much better I’ll feel once I’ve reached my goal weight.

 6. We are sorry to hear that your site will be down.Will you have another one,and where can we find you on the net?
I’m not sure yet. For the time being I will redirect my site to my blog  http://kristylust.blogspot.com/ once it closes. You can still find me on Tumblr: http://kristylust.tumblr.com/; Twitter: http://twitter.com/kristylust and Facebook: http://facebook.com/kristy.lustbbw
7. Now you have some great outdoor videos. Have you ever got caught and can we expect more videos of you in public?
Yes, once. I believe we were filming our first public video at a park and a man caught me on my knees. It was actually pretty funny. He was cool tho and I just kept on going. There will definitely be more public videos. This is something that my husband and I love to do. Its very exciting.

 8. What are your favorite positions?
I like variety but doggy is definitely one of the faves. I just love being gripped by my waist and getting pounded.

 9. How do your man feel when you have all these guys and girls drooling over you? I know he's one lucky man though.
He’s not really the jealous type. I mean doing what I do, you can’t be with someone that is super jealous. Of course, every now and then it happens but I always reassure him that he has nothing to worry about.

10. Can we get you to come to our cities for like bachelor parties,strip clubs,or hosting parties,etc?
The only way to see me is if you live in Miami or are down here visiting. I would love to do a tour around different cities someday but for now you gotta come to me. Guys, definitely look me up if you are down here and wanna treat yourself to a good time ;)

11. Any thing you want to say to your fans and the readers of this blog?
Love you guys! Follow me on my blogs, twitter and Facebook. Stop by and say hi. I love hearing from you.  Lots of xoxo!

I want to thank the  lovely Kristy Lust for her time.Be sure to visit her links,trust me,you won't be disappointed.And you know you will be seeing lots more of her right here on Big Titty Lovers!!!!!!!!!!