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Tuesday, August 1, 2023


 Today,I'm here with a legend in the adult business. Someone I saw in person back when big boobed ladies would tour the country and appear at the local strip club.I held her huge tits in my hands(and didn't want to let go lol) ,I'm talking about the one and only Chessie Moore. Now with respect to Chessie,this interview isn't as long as most of mine are. I had to cut it short for this living legend. And it was hard to do,cause I'm really a big fan of her and didn't want to come off like some dufus. So let's get into it.

MRBTL: How did you get started in the adult business?

CHESSIE: Hustler mag had a monthly contest i won. At the time i was doing bachlor parties and trying to make a name for CM. I quit my nursing job because there was more $ in porn and we needed it with 5 kids under 5. 

MRBTL: Now I would say that you are a icon,a pioneer,a legend in the business for all you done. Do you think or feel that you left your mark on porn?

CHESSIE:  Some people dont know who i am. Some do. Im not sure if i left any mark.

MRBTL: You done alot of public nudity with your videos from your fan club days. Did you ever get caught? If so,what happened?

CHESSIE: Yes we got caught by a cop and lucky we didnt go to jail

MRBTL: Your Mardi Gras videos are classics, was it hard to shoot them with the crowds being so   large?

CHESSIE:  Yes mardi gras 5 and 6 were hard to shoot. Alcohol helped

MRBTL: Now of course, you are known for your huge tits,but I also feel that you gave the best head in the business. What do you want to be known/remembered as in the business?

CHESSIE: No just hope ppl enjoyed the work

MRBTL: What was it like working for Bust Out magazine,or should I say submitting a column to them every month?

CHESSIE: It was ghost written mostly. Diane hanson was very cool.

MRBTL: Don't know if there's a porn Hall of Fame,but I definitely put you in the Big Titty Lovers Hall of Fame. When people think of the great ones from the late 80's to 2000,they only think of the "contract" girls. You put the work in with major companies and your own stuff. You cost me alot of cum lol And I'm sure others. I just wanted to give you your respect and flowers. Do you have any memorable experiences that you can share?

CHESSIE: I share my experiences on the phone. See my profile.

                                             Follow her on Twitter @CHESSIEMOORE2

MRBTL: What is life like now for Chessie Moore?

CHESSIE:  We are struggling now.

MRBTL: Any last words for your fans out there?

CHESSIE: I never did anything i didnt like but $ was the motivation

Again,I would like to thank Chessie Moore for her time. 

Be sure follow her @CHESSIEMOORE2 on Twitter and learn how to hear hot and sexy stories .

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Anonymous said...

I've followed her on Twitter. She's definitely been dealing with some mental health things (she posted a selfie where she's clearly let herself go and had LONG mustache and beard whiskers), and she and her husband seem to really be struggling financially. I love her classic pictures because her face was so gorgeous and her makeup...wow. she brought glamour and kink.