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Saturday, November 17, 2018


Funny story on how I came across Marilyn Melons. I was at Exxxotica in New Jersey a few weeks ago with my lady.I see this beauty busty lady with the thickness cross my path.I lost mind.Now my lady doesn't mind if I take a picture with a person in the adult industry but with somebody that isn't, she may not go for that.So I kinda lost wifey and went up to Marilyn. She wasn't with anybody or dressed like the other ladies who was in booths,just a tight dress that had me saying "damn,this is my kinda woman". I asked for a pic of her and she said yea.If I knew then who she was I would've gotten a selfie with her.But I thought she was just a lady attending the convention. So I took the picture and asked what her name was,she told me and said tag her on IG.That's when I realized she's not just a "regular" woman with a name like Melons.Lol.So I added her on IG and now my Exxxotica crush is here.BTW,I would post the pic but it's not a good one as I was in a hurry before the wife found me.Lol.So I am praying that she comes back to Jersey for next years Exxxotica. Now you can follow her on Instagram @marilyn_melons and on Twitter @marilyn_melons.She is also on ICamSoda @marilynmelons and has a premium snapchat for her fans.Enjoy these for now and hopefully I'll get a chance to interview her for Big Titty Lovers. 

Rome Major is a lucky son of a bitch,lol,as he gets a mouthful of her big titty.

So inviting with this picture. That tongue just makes me hard.

This is her at the MyFreeCams booth at Exxxotica.


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