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Thursday, October 4, 2018


Last month I introduced you Bodacious Blonde Devil .Now she's back with an exclusive interview with yours truly. I just love her personality, I could literally talk and hang out with her all day.You don't really see a real down to earth person in the adult industry everyday.If you follow her on instagram @Bodacious_Blonde_Devil ,then you know what I mean.One of the reasons why she is loved.So let's get into knowing her better.

MRBTL: How and why did you get into the adult business?
BBD: I quit my job that I was an office admin over 2 transportation offices.  Just got tired of dealing with the bs.  Became bored with not having responsibility of a day to day job.  I was told...hey you should try this (instagram & Patreon).  I really was not expecting to blow up the way I did ..HA HA.  I mean I'm actually making money...I'm hooked now lol.

MRBTL : Were there any positive or negative reactions from you being a sex worker from customers or followers?
BBD: Most everyone has been very supportive with my new choice to be self employed.  I get a few followers that talk crap to me only because I will not give them anything for free.  Other than that...I have an awesome fan base that offers me great support.

MRBTL :What was it like growing up with big breasts?
BBD: I was never small chested by any means, in high school I was a DD.  It was not until I breastfed 3 kids that my boobs grew to a crazy size of an H!!!  lol  I've always had attn drawn to them, but even more so now.  I go to a store and people stare, I think I've just learned to tune it all out.

MRBTL :  Age when you received your first kiss? How was it?
BBD: I was a freshman in High school, so I was 14 yrs old.  It was absolutely disgusting to be honest LOL.  He spit all over my face and kept bumping his teeth on mine.....so I never was big on kissing after that.  Up until most recently I have learned that I actually enjoy kissing very much, and I become very aroused from it!!

MRBTL : How do you like breasts handled,hard or soft?
BBD: I like it to start out soft in like a teasing manor, but the more excited I become, I like more aggressive handling.

MRBTL : Do you like to dirty talk in bed?
BBD: OMG yes!!!!  That is prob the biggest turn on for me.  To hear my lovers voice telling me crazy things drives me crazy!!!  The dirtier and nastier the better!!

MRBTL : What do you wear to bed?
BBD: I wear only a tank top.  I love to sleep naked but since piercing my nipples the tank top helps to keep the nipple rings from getting caught in the sheets..ha ha

MRBTL : Do you like oral sex? Why/why not
BBD: I enjoy oral sex to the fullest.  I enjoy the way it feels to have a warm soft tongue running all around my "cupcake" lol.  But, I also love love love to please, I enjoy and get fully turned on when I am pleasing my lover and hear his breathing and moans change, and to look up at him.....I completely enjoy that view!!!

MRBTL : If you could have sex with anyone right now,who would it be?
BBD: His name is Josh...by far the best lover I've ever had!!  I would totally love to feel his touch!!

MRBTL : What can people expect to see on your patreon site?
BBD: Uncensored Videos of me squirting and masterbating, as well as pics.  But that all depends on the tier that is purchased.

MRBTL : Where can people find you on the internet?
BBD: Instagram:  Bodacious_blonde_devil or my backup page Blonde_bodacious_devil (not as much content as my original page).  And my Patreon...  www.patreon.com/Bodacious_Blonde_Devil.  I'm looking into many vids as well as chaturbate, not sure if I'll be doing those just yet.  I stay pretty busy!!

MRBTL : Do you like to show the girls off in public?
BBD: Yes, I'm not very shy.  I need to go to mardi gra LOL...can you imagine the beads I'd get!!!

MRBTL : Have you ever cheated on someone? Why?
BBD: Yes, I literally have cheated on every man I've ever been with except for 1.  The only reason I ever cheated was because I had a habit of being with cheating men, so I out did them....I one upped them and I was satisfied knowing that it would mental screw with them.  More of revengeful cheating.

MRBTL : Favorite body part of the opposite sex? Same sex?
BBD: My fav body part on a man is the hair line that goes from the belly button to the groin!!!   I love to look at that!!  On a woman I would have to say her ass.

MRBTL : How do you feel with the current state of the country?
BBD: I think it's fucked up!!!  People focus on bs and waste so much money on all these bs investigations when the time and money could be used in so many more resourceful ways.

MRBTL : Have you ever had an "oops" moment. Like a boob falls out or a wardrobe malfunction?  If so,can you explain the situation?
BBD: Yes actually on live the other day on ig!!  I was titty teasing and had a brain cramp thinking I was doing video and almost popped that dang nipple out live lol.

MRBTL : You can erase any horrible experience from your past.What will it be?
BBD : I would not erase any of it.  I have learned from those seasons in my life and used them to grown into the strong intelligent woman I am today.

MRBTL : Do you sing in the shower? Or do anything unusual in the shower?
BBD: No I don't sing, but I do have a routine way I wash lol.  If I don't do things in a certain order in the shower my day is all thrown off...yes I'm OCD

MRBTL : You just found $100,how do you plan on spending it?
BBD : I would not spend it, I would give it to someone that was struggling, cuz I've been in the struggle myself.

MRBTL : Do you have a secret talent?
BBD: No, I don't have any talents lol...unless being clumsy is a talent, then I'm badass LOL

MRBTL : How would you seduce your crush?
BBD: Just by being myself, men have always been drawn to me.  If I try to seduce I mess it up lol

MRBTL : Any last words?

BBD : I am just so very thankful for my fan base and that everyone for the most part has been extremely kind to me!!!  I'm very grateful for that!!!!

Once again I would like to thank BBD for her time.And remember you can find her on instagram @Bodacious_Blonde_Devil and to see more of her check out her site,  www.patreon.com/Bodacious_Blonde_Devil

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