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Friday, March 24, 2017


Today at Big Titty Lovers we have the great Bustylicious Honey,best known from Instagram,and her lovely humps.So sit back and get to know the artist formerly known as Honey Dip a little bit better.

MRBTL: Where are you from?
BH: London 

MRBTL : How big are your big ones?
BH: 40HH

MRBTL : Are there any positives and negatives to having big boobs?
BH: Positive- they look so sexy 
                 - make great pillows 
                 - they are great to titty fuck
        Negative- back ache 
               - neck tension 
               - expensive bras
               _hard to find bras
             - buy tops 2 sizes bigger to fit

MRBTL : What do you do in your spare time,any hobbies?
BH: To wak my dog . I LOVE  long walks, I also love to go wild camping ⛺️, at home I love to Netflix and chill or play call of duty.

MRBTL : What type of music do you listen to?
BH: Oh I love music in general, from country to reggae,hmmm I guess hip hop or R&B are top of the list.

MRBTL : What's a day in the life of Bustylicious Honey like?
BH:  Well by the time I wake up my hubby has already gone to work so I have to masterbate (as he's not there to sort me out) I have to start the day with an orgasm then I go to clients I have booked in to cut hair as I'm a hairdresser, after I go home cook hubby a nice meal to come home to then we chill on sofa watch some tv before we go to bed to get nasty with each other 

MRBTL : How does it feel to be instafamous? You are definitely one of the most popular big boob pages.
BH: I'm actually so surprised to have so many fans/followers I never expected to gain so many and I try to make sure I engage with them , if they can go out of their way to give such lovely  compliments it's only right that I respond and thank them. I have gotten to know some of their personalities and have some great banter with my loyal regular guys 

MRBTL : How does it feel to get so much love from strangers?
BH: They have built my confidence up so much with all the love they show.it feels awesome that total strangers can be so lovely to me, I have the best followers!!

MRBTL : Name something that would shock your followers?
BH: Hmmm I actually can't think of anything lol 

MRBTL : What do your husband think about all your sexy posts?
BH:  It was actually my hubbys idea for me to start IG, he used to follow busty girls and said I should make a page as I have great tits lol he is proud of the titties he has on his wife

MRBTL : Ever thought about having your own website so you can show what you want and not worry about the IG police and trolls/haters?
BH: It's something I wouldn't mind doing, but to run my own website I would need a pc really and I only have my iPhone  so I haven't done it as of yet , maybe I will in the future.

MRBTL : What do you wear to bed?
BH: I sleep naked

MRBTL : What's your favorite position?
BH: Doggy !!

MRBTL : Have you ever been caught masturbating?
BH:  Yessss my hubby has caught me a few times , but he loves to catch me at it and will just let me carry on while he watches or takes over 

MRBTL : Favorite body part on the same sex and opposite sex?
BH: I love a juicy booty 

MRBTL : When was the last time you watched porn?
BH: Last weekend 

MRBTL : Is there a celebrity you would willingly have sex with?
BH:  Idris Elba or Tom Hardy

MRBTL : What was you doing at midnight last night?
BH: Cleaning up after having fun with hubby 

MRBTL : How was your Valentines Day? Anything special?
BH: We normally go out but this year I brought red lingerie and stayed home and cooked a nice meal for him wearing the lingerie while he watched .... and touched lol and had a romantic but nasty night 

MRBTL : Where can people find you at on the internet?
BH: My IG - Bustylicious_honey
   Twitter - bustylicioushun 

MRBTL : Any last words?
BH: I want to thank all my followers for being so awesome, I appreciate each and every one of them, all my love Honey 

Since this interview,Bustylicious Honey has recently created an Onlyfans account.To see her uncensored pics and videos,check her site out here ----->>  bustylicioushun

I would like to thank Bustylicious Honey for her time.She is one of my personal favorites and is a great person.

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