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Sunday, August 21, 2016


Today at Big Titty Lovers we have an interview with Aleksandra Yalova. A busty beauty from Brazil.She can be found on twitter @aleksyalova. Sit back and let's get to know her.

MrBTL: Where are you originally from?

AY: Hi Dre, thank you for inviting me for this interview! I was born and currently live in São  Paulo, Brazil.

MrBTL: What are your measurements?

AY: My height is 1.70cm, 118cm tits, 86cm waist line, 117cm hips

MrBTL: How would you describe yourself?

AY: As a bright, mysterious and sensual redhead... Sometimes absolutely shy and introvert but always wise and joyful.

MrBTL: So what is life like in Brazil?

AY: It is wonderful but of course we have so many problems like everybody knows...

MrBTL: In America nudity is almost like breaking the law.Like over-seas they are more free to express themselves sexually.How is it down there?

AY: People have a false image of Brazil, perhaps because of parties (like carnival) and beaches? We may be a more "naked" country because of the heat and also we greatly appreciate the beauty but not everyone likes to expose their intimacy or be associated to the brazilian who wants to "express their sexuality".

MrBTL: How do you like to have your breasts handled?

AY: With love and delicacy!

MrBTL: Yes,all breasts should be handled with love,haha. What goes on during your cam shows? Is just solo action or do you have company involved?

AY: Solo and mostly playing with pussy and tits.

MrBTL:  Who would you like to work with in the industry?

AY: I already realized a dream which is work with Safada.tv ( https://safada.tv/canal/flagra-amador/) it was an exciting experience. The next step is get into the Scoreland team, this is my goal!

MrBTL: Anything I can do to help you achieve that goal I will do.Now do you planning on having your own website one day?

AY: It will be ready in few weeks, I promise.

MrBTL: I see you have videos on Xvideos.com.And I must say that you are amazing. I still have the image of you getting fucked in my head,haha.Is porn something you want to get into?

AY: Sure, as I said I had a great experience with Safada.tv. There were a lot of people judging me but there were much more praises and compliments. It brought me a lot of fans and increased my work schedule.

MrBTL:  Alright,I just want to know how do you say the following words in your native language ; Big tits,Fucking,Blowjob, and Big Titty Lovers. If there is a translation for them?

AY: Haha, it's so weird to translate but let's go;
Big tits = peitões/peitos grandes, Fucking: foder, Blowjob: boquete/oral
Big Titty Lovers: "Amantes dos Seios Grandes" or even "Apaixonados por Peitões". U choose.

MrBTL: Haha thank you. I  saw something on twitter about you contacting the people at Score magazine.What is the deal with that? Is modeling some you want to do?

AY: I've sent my pics for them, let's hope for the best! I am very confident.

MrBTL:  What is your favorite position and why?

AY: Deck chair and doggstyle because it perfectly fits on my pussy and asshole.

MrBTL: Swallow or facial?

AY: Facial

MrBTL:  Ever perform a sexual act in public/outdoors,if so explain? 

AY: Nothing very weird... I used to make a blowjobs in my boyfriend's  car when I was younger.

MrBTL:  Do you still escort? I think most people still don't know exactly what an escort is.Is it just sex or is it more like hanging out with that person for that period of time?

AY: It depends on the girl. Personally it's both. Some guys just want an intense sex for a certain period, others want a nice and polite girl to dinner, watch a movie, travel, parties or just talk.

MrBTL: And who wouldn't want you by their side. Do you get recognized when you go out?

AY: Sometimes, mostly in night clubs, bars and malls. I get very shy but the same time happy and sexy haha.

MrBTL:  Where can people find you at on the internet? 

AY: My website will be available soon but I am mostly in Twitter and Instagram, GpFace and other escort site services.

MrBTL:  Any last words for the people? 

AY: Hope you guys enjoy my content, follow my twitter @aleksyalova for news! Thanks for all the support and love. Once again, Dre, thank you for this interview. I am honored.

Thanks to the wonderful Aleksandra for taking the time to do this interview. Be sure to follow her on twitter @aleksyalova and contact the folks at Score @elliot_james @SCORESTUDIO @Scoreland and tell them about Aleksandra and let's get her in Score and Voluptuous.

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