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Saturday, September 26, 2015


Kristina Milan
You won't see a feature of her here.She doesn't do anything for me.Her movies are dumb,no kind of actress.The best is the basketball flick.Her boobs are gross looking.

Vanessa Del
Just the same description as Kristina,but worse.

Ewa Sonnet
She was okay to me back in her busty.pl days.But now all her shoots are the same.Lame,and she shows no growth.

Abbi Secraa
People say that she's Milena competition. That's a joke.Those breasts are too big and you really can't do nothing with them.

Leanne Crow
You may see some pics/gifs of her.But nobody from Pinup Files get my attention. It's just another big boob lady.But she is the best out of my list.

Sara Willis
Another Pinup Files bore.She was more interesting when she was on twitter a few years ago.

She is such a waste that I forgot the spelling of her name.Mitois,or some crap like that.Even the video with Cherokee couldn't help her out.Total turn off.

September Carrino
Now she ain't that bad but it's the way Pinup Files puts them out that I don't like.The pictures just makes them look fake and the makeup is horrible.

Rachel Aldana
Another Brit from PF.Her tits look like somebody just filled them up with out caring how they look.

This is my blog and post what I like.There are plenty of other blogs to see what you want.I mean no disrespect to the ladies,it's just my opinion.

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