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Friday, May 16, 2014


Do women like men sucking their breasts? Posted by Acts
The art of sucking on tits to make sure you get fucked is an easy process. If you want to get your girl hot and bothered so she will succumb to your every fantasy and pleasure for sex, learn more about how to suck her tits. You can suck on her tits for a long time, a short time, a hard suck, and a very soft suck but when you suck on her tits the right way you are going to get her hot and she will want more physical satisfaction from you which is how you are going to get some ass.
Taking your hands softly rub her entire tit, like you are softly and slowly kneading dough in your hands. You like her tits anyway so you might as well start enjoying playing with them too.
After you have totally felt her entire tits take your tongue and rub it everywhere, touching her nipple and all the pink around her nipple. Are her nipples getting hard yet? She is getting turned on you know. As you start to nibble on her tit suck the nipple between your lips and through your teeth, lightly grasping her nipple in your teeth for a gently tug. Her nipples are getting even harder now and she is starting to moan, and if you put your hand down between her thighs you are even making her wet while doing this. She will start to call out your name while you continue taking turns sucking on her tits, her nipples while you are playing and twisting the other nipple with your free hand. As she is more and more ready to accept you, put her hand on your dick and have her play with you while you are still sucking on her tits, and soon you will be fucking her as hard as you want and as long as you can control yourself!
Scientists have done studies and they have found that girls with big tits have more fun while having sex, but their tits are not that much sensitive to touch.

Here are some comments in different sites about womens opinion on men sucking their breasts.

Your hands and lips should never stop moving against skin during sex. So yes, it is liked by some, and by me.

yes i do, i like to be touched in general. maybe the more appropriate word is devoured. i like to be taken like im the most important person in the world and like he never wanted something so bad.

yeah and when they do an occationally a soft chomp and squeeze them especcially when you are having sex and they are doing it 

Oh yes! I love it, especially is the guy has a real urgency about it and clearly likes it. It is an interactive deal. But he has to be gentle, because the girls can get pretty tender.

I also love lying on my side with his head between my breasts, he kissing my chest between them, with the top breast just lying on his face. I don;t know why that has so much sensual meaning for me, but it does. I feel every aroused, but calm and protective at the same time.

I get really turned on when my boyfriend sucks on my boobs, like, reeeally sucking.
and um, you know when you go to pray? like, the way you have your hands, press your hands together for fifteen seconds, and let go. and do it over and over.
this is what my aunt had told me (:
im fifteen and I am a 34 b =/
and, when he sucks on your boobs, it doesnt make them bigger hun, trust me.

I love having my breasts touched. And I think guys like breasts so much because normally women are so protective of there boobs, that getting to even see them is a real treat.

it alos dpends on the woman if shes horny shed love it or if she feels that she's very hot and sexy then shell want you to suck her boobs tits nipples because it gives women a gd feling a horny feeling but do it gently. 
I like man sucking tits coz it makes me on.
I can’t believe with all of the attention that women give men’s dicks giving blow jobs and men pay little attention to women’s tits (watch the lesbians they know what a woman’s favorite thing is-tit sucking)
If you are curious that if there is any possibilities of std after kissing smuching and sucking boobs! 

Kissing yes can give you a std, but the std that is contractable is only contractable if the person is a carrier, due to the fact a person naturally wouldnt kiss someone with blister like puss filled pimpleson their lips. 
if you would then yes certainly you can contract a std. but no women or male in their right mind would kiss you if they had something like that. 

AS FOR SUCKING TITS!! UNFORTUNATELY, You can suck tits till you suck them dry!! and Girls love it!

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