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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Here it is, my interview with one of my favorite people.I'm glad that I can call her a friend.She is way more than just big boobs.This interview will turn you on.She keeps it real 100%.So sit back and enjoy learning more about the sexy,naturally busty, beautiful, and genuine Arodswifey.

1)What are your measurements? My breast size is 36 G cup -28-38 I'm 5'4".
2)What is your favorite position and why? I like being on top so they can suck on me as I ride them.
3)Have you ever used your breasts to get out of something or get what you wanted? I have gotten bottles of wine , perfume things like that , nothing like a trip to Aruba though ( I wish).
4)What are your turn ons and offs? My turn ons are laughter, open mind , &  likes technology ,having fun.
My turn offs are body odor , pubic hair ( I sound cray cray on that) negativity , bad teeth and nails.
5)What do you do when you see someone staring at your chest? I know they are big even if I'm completely covered up so it ok to stare at my boobs I'm down with it.
6)Is having big boobs a positive or negative for you? I love having boobs, I hate when women bitch about having big boobs, I love the attention spent on them (no complaining from me!).
7)Do you ever get tired of the attention that you get from having big boobs? NEVER... Suck as long as you like;0).
8)What's your fantasy? I have done EVERYTHING sexually.
9)What's the freakish thing you have done? I used a strap on with a guy ( small one , of course) currently guys want the lactation fantasy which i do.
10)What's the best way to make you cum? Playing with my clit softly as you suck on my nipples I will explode.
11)Rapid reply; Facials? Tit fucking? Anal? Women? Yes or no? Facials yes, tit fucking yes, anal no and women , no ( strictly dickly).
12)How do you like your sex? Lots of forplay. I give as I get , my dick sucking will blow your mind (no pun intended;0)).
13)Do you enjoy teasing men? Very much so & they love it too.
14)How did it feel to win Big Boober of the Month? You beat out some well known models too. Shocking because I am a normal person , I'm not a model or adult web girl , I am very honored to win it I truly am.
15)You're a blog favorite, how does it feel to be a mainstay on the Big Titty Lovers blog?  I love it , for anyone to find me even remotely attractive or interesting it's a huge compliment.
16)What do you do in your spare time? I'm a huge social media nerd and I post and upload tons of fotos to the border of insanity.
17) How many pets do you have and what are they? A zoo, I have a cornsnake , a red ear slider turtle  named Pattymelt , 2 cockatiels and chichuaua , Pico de gallo ....& ....( drumroll) ...8 cats! It's a little crazy but in case you didn't know it I'm a huge Animal lover.
18) Any favorite foods? Pizza , Mexican I swear I could eat both everyday and never get tired of it & I love cheeseburgers too.
19) Arodswifey, so we all know how much you like him.Do you have any other favorites and are you a big sports fan? I love Alex Rodriguez ( I can hear the boos now) and I love Albert Pujols too I'm a huge baseball fan , I like most sports , at work I talk sports 70% of the time with the guys.
20) Do you drink or smoke much? I do like hookah it's been awhile though , I will smoke weed on a occasion , yes I am known to drink from time to time , I like girly drinks.
21) Any plans on going back blonde or getting more ink done?I have several tattoos. I would love to get one more then I'm done ( or so I say)
My hair was breaking off from the bleaching so I had to go back to my natural color , I hated it at first now it's growing on me but I will be blonde but not until my hair is healthy again.
22) Do your tats have any special meaning? They are sexy btw. No for the most part I liked the design or placement of the tattoo , I did get a exes name on my wrist which I regret , I do plan on getting it covered when I can , it's been 10 yrs and truthfully I forget about it until someone points it out but I do need to cover it , when people ask me I tell them it's my dad's name so I don't hear a lecture , honest to god!
23)Any last words from the President and Goddess of Team BTL? As the president I say 'keep sucking on those titties gentlemen!'  
This is the most I spent interviewing anybody and it was well worth it.I want to thank her for her time and for doing this.She's a real good friend and person as I knew most of the answers but this was for you guys.And yes her dick sucking skills will put porn stars to shame.She is a real down to earth woman.That's why I love her.She is the best and look forward to seeing more of her.

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