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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Oh hai :)

Wonder where this shoot ended :p Canada's Finest
I wanna kiss the other one lol

Topless in pink. #bigtits
Here’s that ass shot!  <------ Whooty

I found this busty beauty on twitter about a week ago.She's new to me and is already becoming a favorite of mines.I think my fellow boobie lovers could be holding back on me lol.Don't know much about this Canadian hottie but she does have a great tumblr(http://www.canadianboobies.tumblr.com/) that you all should check out.She twitted one time about folks saying she look like Brittney Spears.Don't know much about Spears so I'll  let you decide.I got a thing for thick women and those thighs are doing it for me.Believe me,when I find out  more info on her I will share it.Until then enjoy her tumblr blog and follow her on twitter,@CanadianBoobies ,you won't be disappointed. 


Anonymous said...

Looks like her tumblr and twitter are both down :(

Big Titty Lover said...

Yea,she deleted them both about a week ago.Sad,but I hope she comes back.