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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Today,I am truly honored to be doing this interview with the great and lovely,Samanta Lily.As a fan of hers,it was kind of like being star strucked.But as a blogger I knew I had a job to do. I’m just lucky that it wasn’t a live one on one interview cause then you would’ve heard me repeating questions cause I would’ve been in awe of her beauty and boobs.But I think I did a good job with this one.As a fan it did help cause I kinda knew what she’s into instead of just asking the regular questions.

Where are you originally from?

I come from Eastern Europe. I am mix of russian and polish.  I keep in secret my current location.

What is your true bust and bra size?


When did your breasts first start to develop?

At 9.

Do big Boobs run in your family?

No (Or probably from grand grand grand mother who I did not see )

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Anything who is associated with sports activities. Especially learning poledance.

How did you get into the adult industry, and what made you do it?

Big debts in banks.

How have having huge boobs helped or hurt you in your life?

They hurted me always. Especially when I was teenager. I had complex about my big boobs. I thought that I have ugly body, cause the peers laughed about me.
But my tits helped me in 3 important situations : 1) I got rid of debts, 2) Finally I got serious boyfriend who has big tit fetish and truly loves me, 3) I got lots of money for living and now I can afford anything I want.

Why do you think Instagram keep removing your account,do they give you a reason?

They never explain me why it happens. All they can send me are automatic emails. Probably haters are reporting me.  My account has been deactivated 8 times. I will celebrate when I reach 10 LoL.

Since you came into the industry your popularity has risen a lot across the internet.Why do you think that is?

Its because I am very active and do many updates. Also I was shooting  for 5 websites. (Pinupfiles, SCORE, DDF, Yesboobs.com, divinebreasts.com). If you want to be successful, you have to work hard.

In public,I know your breasts are hard to hide but do you show them off or try your best to keep them covered?

I think deep in my heart I am still a teenager, who depends of other people opinion.  If I will show them off then other women will hate me. Russian people have different mentality. I try to escape negativity, thats why in public I try to keep them covered.

I remember this one video you had on connectpal,where you was bouncing your big ones in a car.What was the reactions from the other drivers that may have seen you? Have you ever gotten caught with the girls out in public?

I did not see the reaction of other drivers, cause we were driving very fast. I have never got caught naked in public :)

So you have your site now,samantalily.eu,what are your plans with it? Like is it just for you or would discover new ladies and have them on there?

I want to include other busty girls in my website. I hope i will success on it :)

Will there be a chance of you working with other big boobed ladies like Milena Velba,Leanne Crow,Nadine Jansen,and others?

I wish I could work with Milena Velba and other busty ladies :)

  Would you do anything with your man on your site?

I will never do hardcore. And he doesn't want to appear on cams.

Can you tell us about your Skype shows,how much,what we would see,and how we get them?

Skype is the only place where I show more than boobs. I play with my different size toys. Skypeshow rate is $5/min  http://profiles.skyprivate.com/model/92429-samanta-lily?aff=1zbh

  What makes you smile?

Happy people and animals.

Where can people find you on the internet?

https://twitter.com/Sexy_Lovely_Sam   and  samantalily.eu

Any last words to the people?

Be thankful for anything you already have. And don't forget to watch naked tities 10 minutes a day, cause it reduces risk of heart attack or stroke, and extends man's life.

I want to thank Samanta for her time.This interview has made me even a bigger fan of hers.Her honesty, sense of humor,and realness really showed.Samanta is much more than huge boobs.I will always support her and I hope you do too.I urge you to contact Milena Velba about working with Samanta, I know I will.Together they would really crash/break the internet. I'm kinda glad to hear that she won't be doing porn.She can always simulate it in her videos anyway,so we won't see any sausages lol.Can you imagine seeing her play sports and poledancing. Seeing that alone is worth admission into her site,samantalily.eu.

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