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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


One of my favorite tweeters and a former Best Boobs contest winner on this blog.Trinety G is one of the coolest people in the industry.Be sure to follow her @TrinetyG on twitter.She's also apart of #TEAMBTL so it's a must you follow her.I want to thank her for her time to do this interview.

1.What are your measurements?
38J - 34- 48 

2.What made you get into the adult business?

3.What are the pros and cons about being a web-cam girl?
Pro - Being able to do something I enjoy while bringing pleasure to others (for a profit of course)
Con - The biggest loss for me about getting into the industry is my lack of privacy and the fact that i havent had a real vacation in 4 years

4.Where can we find you to see you on cam?
 TOP 3 sites I spend my time on
Also offering Skype shows via http://www.skyprivate.com/?aff=3gt

5.Now,I know you shot for Score magazine.What was that experience like?And would you do it again?
Score was my first professional shoot. They took my porn cherry! I really enjoyed my experience with them and would love to do some more work for them

6.If people follow you on twitter,what can they expect?
I post when and where i'm logging on cam! Deals for content or shows! Always posting naughty pics and videos! 

7.Now lets get sexual,lol.What is your favorite position?
On Top

8.What was it like working with one of the greats in Samantha38G?And is there anybody else you would want to work with?
Sam was so amazing to work with. I learned so much from her. A lot of people give her a hard time but shes really a kind lady. Very informative! She sent me home with porn-homework!

9.You have big boobs,which gets a lot of attention,but what do you think is your best feature?
I'm the total package! Stacked in front and back. Cute face with a chubby waist. Personally is sassy and sophisticated, mildly tainted by my sarcasm 

10.How long have you been doing this?
4 years on cam / 2 years in porn 

11.Where can the people find you at online?
no but seriously I have Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, facebook, fetlife (for you kinky peeps) and I'm a member of a bunch of other adult websites and cam sites. If you find me dont be shy, cum say hi! 

12.Any last thing you want to say to your fans and people?
to my FANS - you know who the real ones are, THANK you for your support! to the other people....step it up and keep it honest!

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