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Friday, June 8, 2012


Here it is,my exclusive interview with The Mystery Milf

What are your measurements?
I am a 38DD right now.....although probably moving towards 36DD....had a baby 18 months ago. When pregnant I was a 38G!
How long have you been married?
Almost 13 years....
What made you share yourself with others on the internet?
My husband always told me my breasts were perfect and that if he posted pics, the reaction would be amazing!
What are your favorite positions?
I love to be on top of hubby best.... He is so excited when he gets to get my breasts in his face dangling down...and I love to be in control!
What would you say is your best feature?
My hubby says my face....but I know he really thinks my breasts! I love my legs also,I was a dancer prior so they are quite nice!
What are your turn-ons and offs?
I love a sense of humor and a man who loves to appreciate my breasts!
Where can people find you online?
Alot of places....I post mainly on xhamster
Are your nipples sensitive?
They are VERY sensitive....I have cum before when my nipples are played with just right
How does if feel to have guys get off themselves off to you?
It makes my ego alot....not to mention when I see a guy staring at my breasts now, I wonder if he has cum looking at my pics already!
Anything else you wanna say to the guys and gals?
Thanks for looking and appreciating my pics and my hubby hopes to post more soon!

I would like to thank The Mystery Milf for her time.You will be seeing more of her right here on this blog.Maybe we'll get to see those legs of hers next time.

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