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Friday, August 12, 2011


I meant to do this as my 500th post but here it is.Not in order.

1. Milena Velba

What's not to love about Milena? Those gigantic breasts are the best naturals I've seen on a non BBW.I wish she would do hardcore but she rarely shows her nice pussy.I have noticed that she is getting more sexual in her videos,her early ones wasn't really sexual.But those lovely monsters will always be a favorite of mines.

2. Gianna


Gianna always look better with some dick in her.Her sex scenes are epic! No one rides a cock like her.She always put 100% in her scenes.My favorite porno star since Christy Canyon..

3.Hitomi Tanaka

I'm not really into Asian women but Hitomi Tanaka is one amazing Japanese.She gets abused in her videos.I hate the censorship but those bouncing tittys make up for it.She gets covered in cum for the bukkate fans.The storylines in her movies are better than most American porn.She give you the fantasy.
For more info:http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Hitomi_Tanaka

4. Christy Canyon
This could be why I love all naturals breasts.As a youngster watching my first porns,Christy had the biggest tits I ever seen(until I saw Ebony Ayes in a flick).The way they moved got my attention,lol.I would rewind the tape every time Christy would fuck Peter North.And back then they looped the video numberous times.One of the best porno stars of all time,to me she's number one.

5. Ebony Ayes

http://www.ebonyayesxxx.com/   *Not official 
I always thought Ebony was underrated during her prime.Granted she played lead roles and had box covers in the 80's,she wasn't given the same shine as others did.Could've been the race card.To me,Ebony was the leader of the big black boobs explosion.I witnessed my first tit fuck watching this legend for the first time.She help paved the way for a lot of African-American porn stars.
For more info:http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Ebony_Ayes

6. Claudia Marie


I think it's a lost for her to get those  big ugly things in her.She wants to go bigger and be like Kayla Kleevage.Makes me wanna barf! But this is all time,and in her short time,but been working her ass off,has become a favorite.Just cause of her early work.Her movies are "cute" funny and  great to watch.I'm not a fan of  extreme fake boobs and sadly I won't be watching or looking at Claudia in the future.

7. Sierra


Another all natural winner.For me,she took the place of Ebony Ayes as the big boob black star.There were others between times but none held a plate to Sierra.Those natural wonders swing every which way.Her naughty talk only added to the excitement.
For more info: http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Sierra

8.Nadine Jansen

First saw Nadine in Score and was amazed.Then got a computer,joined her site and BAMN,here she is.She seems to be losing the baby weight,but I think her kid is sucking too much milk out of her.LOL.They were perfect before she her child,but least I got pics and vids to help me remember how much I loved them.And without Nadine,it would've took me longer to find my favorite,Milena Velba.
For more info: http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Nadine_Jansen

9. Kitten Natividad

When I was a kid I went into the video store to rent some movies.So I see this tape with boobs on it.So of course I had to check it out.It wasn't in the adult section it was in comedy.So I went to the counter and rented it.Had to be about 10 or 11 years old.Took it home,hid the tape from my mom and showed her some other tape I rented.Waited for her to go to work,then popped in Takin It Off.I've been a boob man since,thanks to Kitten.I liked her work better before she did hardcore later in her life.Her strip shows were legendary.
For more info: http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Kitten_Natividad

10(tie).Chessie Moore

I think I found Chessie in a mag,then joined her fan club.Back then,early 90's,I didn't care about implants as long as they looked real,then they was alright with me.So one time Chessie came to my city,and being a member of her club we talked about making a video.I'm thinking it's bullshit but I got a  blood test anyway.Showed Steve,her husband,the results,they took me back to their hotel.Where I fucked my only porno star.Strippers not included  lol.But I never had somebody give me head the way Chessie did.It was a great experience,will never forget it.She is a freak to say the least.She is still swinging  and making private videos to this date.Her candid movies are the ones I love the best.Huge boobs out on the streets and a bj behind a tree.

10. Brandy Talore


Brandy has the best tits to titfuck with.They are perfect.There should an award for it.Her sex scenes are epic.She has that girl next door look about her.I love those mouth watering nipples.

Honorable Mentions
Carmella Bing

Aneta Buena

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